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A bowl of soup

A rainy, cool day, with veggies available, soup eneviatable .


 Carrots, leeks, turnip, cauliflower.

Mushrooms, tat soi, kale

Veggie broth, chicken, soy sauce, salt and pepper , bells seasonings.

Rice noodles

Carrots, leeks, turnips,  cauliflower , chicken, sautéed . Added to simmering stock.

Rice noodles soaked in cold water, drained, added to soup, grated Parmesan garnish. 


weekend update

just a group pictures highlighting food activities this weekend . Friday night through Sunday.

Friday night fish fry


wanted to try a corn meal type batter

trout fillet

IMG_0023shrimp, squid and a few pieces of onion !

IMG_0025serve with potato, broccoli, Damn ! looks like a fish fry platter from a diner

The trout was disappointing, I’ve had better though not too often

the shrimp and squid very excellent

don”t have fried fish often this was good, probably could be baked at a high temp as an alternative.


hand scrawled recipe culled from the web, make the batter and then finally dredge in corn meal.

hot red pepper flakes vs, cayenne: Italian seasonings vs oregano


Sunday a warm day so

prep charbroil smoker and test operational readiness for season 👌🏼🕶

1/2 chicken and sausage with mesquite smoke chips heavy smoke with char. BBQ rub before cooking.

some meat for the week


freezer scraps for broth about a gallon yield

IMG_0066as always bread, partial wheat mix


change up on recipe, cutting back on yeast usage, allowing more overall time for rising and starting a poolish several hours beforehand, down to 1/2 packet per 2 medium loafs. A poolish is similar to a yeast starter  for beer making the idea is to grow the amount of yeast available for fermentation.

IMG_0068previous post about liver and eggs.

some outdoor projects completed none food related except for the grille prep.  Food shopping also.

bottling a batch of beer.  6 bottles.

thanks , homeboy !

other stuff !

😛☕️🛠🍽🍻🍷🍴 (not🏋🏼)🎧📲🖥💻⏲🔩🛌🗃✌🏼✍🏼🗣👩🏽

(some emoji symbols don’t display correctly).


Eeeeewww, liver !

As I prepared this breakfast it reminded me of the opening of an old TV series where the medical students as part of their training are required to witness an autopsy. Several of them faint. Not to curb your  appetite,  by telling this story, some,  like  chefs  can continue in their field even though they are adverse to parts of the  trade or decide that they will cater to a certain food group.

What’s  this got to do with liver ? I would not call beef liver a mainstream dish but recently a family member sourced beef liver to our kitchen from a retailer known for organic food. A bloody looking package indeed, but after a quick diced and sauté the flavor reminded me of the days of    liverwerst,   a deli favorite.

Some bread was diced and fried in butter and garlic, reserved, and some sautéed onions followed, along with dill.

Placed in a small oven proof container , two eggs beaten was added, yes I know cheese is usually in the mix, but keeping it light here. Low power in the microwave for several minutes till fluffed. (BTW a sprinkle of hot red pepper flakes in the mix, salt and pepper a given  also )

Served with sour cream, chili paste and greens , a mix of light and dark roasted Mexican coffee.
















recent food prices



Beef ribs return

A pick from the supercenter meat case, beef ribs. This recipe is a slow cook method, 300 degrees for 4 hours at least.

The cooking sauce was a base of reduced soy sauce, 5 star anise, ginger , garlic, allspice , sugar , balsamic and acouple of drops of liquid smoke. 

The ribs, 

One of the new seasonings from the market shelve, a bit of sweetness along with pepper . Do you taste your spices and herbs before adding them to a recipe? Manufactures have gotten into the fresh ground game now with an adjustable grinder cap.

A recent “new ” old oven now in use, a combo convection/ microwave unit. Slow cooking setting give you 4 hours at 300degrees. Thanks to the Internet and manufacturers website one is able to download the users manual for this oven. 

Possibly follow up pictures to be posted………….🍴😛🍖🕗


Coffee cloud cake

A recipe made by my wife who bakes more than I do , cookies , desserts , cakes etc. 

Here’s one from scratch, via the good housekeeping illustrated cookbook.

Lighter than a pound cake, recipe under sponge cake category. Walnuts are in the cake and it goes well with a cup of coffe, a donut alternative. 👍🏼💋☕️


Hopefully my iPad will remain calm, as a bit of a fixer, mobile touch screen devices have a weakness, the screen. Carrying an iPad sooner or later (in a case) resulted in a cracked screen. Replacement parts are available , the quality though is questionable. It also seems that once a cracked screen replaced , is destined to reoccur. Once the repair is made intermittent performance of the screen and /or sensitivity issues crop up. One unfamiliar with the problem would think that their device is possessed as it suddenly open apps , starts typing and could post garble. Probably more research is needed ,for the DIY , it is a cost advantage and learning experience for repair. Another alternative , given the quickly receding prices of technology , is to obtain another one and relegate one to a lesser role or just bite the bullet and replace technology every 2 years with a trade in. 


Weekend morning plate

Left over corn dough quickly pressed into service. !

Picked some greens from the hydroponic unit topped with egg, hot sauce and shallots.


light brunch

Just a salad for now,

salad dressing, (mayo, ketchup, horseradish, hot pepper sauce, hot pepper flakes, sugar, salt, balsamic vinegar)

sliced deviled eggs w/bacon (leftovers)

fresh greens, (lettuce, kale, tat soi.)

croutons (cubed bread, sautéed with garlic and butter.)

grape tomatoes





Pork Fried Rice

Easter dinner (yet to be posted), left us with leftovers, one of the advantages of hosting dinner is that when cooking a meal that you don’t often have , you allow for extra, both for giving out “take out ” containers to guests and having leftovers available during the week.

Diced pork from a crown roast was sauteed to brown and reserved. Add one cup of rice to a heavy skillet along with a bit of oil and shallots. Stir to coat rice and cook shallot slightly.

With heat at high, add 2 cups broth, stock or whatever to skillet. Let the mixture boil uncovered about 5 minutes till most of the broth dissipates. Sprinkle soy sauce over rice mixture till your satisfied with the taste and color. I add a bit of dried red pepper flakes here.

Depending with the type of rice continue cooking over low heat a few more minutes or shut the flame down and cover. Go do something else for about 15 minutes.

I just put the diced pork on a plate and plated the rice over it. IMG_9948

Perhaps if i wasn’t so hungry I would have added some celery and onions.
Served with a White House Honey Porter


Pizza supper

A good pizza makes a meal.

Tomato sauce with ground pork, garlic, goat cheese, Parmesan and pepperoni. 



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