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Farmers market, Providence, Thursday 


Pan seared shrimp with Quinoa


By the time the quinoa was done about 20 minutes, the rest of the plate was ready.

(Frozen uncooked deveined shrimp was used for this recipe, beforehand, rinse the frozen shrimp in lukewarm water, then proceed)


Paste-up the shrimp with ginger garlic paste and some spicy hot pepper tomato jam, liberally apply salt and fresh ground pepper with some oil of choice.Apply the paste to the shrimp first and let rest while prepping the quinoa,  boil the water add the grain and cover to simmer. Diced white onion  was added to the quinoa also as onion is a staple in this house for most recipes.


super hot pan, toss the shrimp


maybe a drizzle of olive oil, keep the shrimps moving.


finish with some crushed peanuts, pan off heat and toss utilizing the residual heat.


Plated with roasted veggies (leftovers) and the quinoa. Dusted with grated Parmesan. Fresh parsley sprig would be a nice touch. yep, I eat tails and all.






Traditional Warm German Potato Salad

imageTraditional Warm German Potato Salad



One of the starts of a day, potato salad for breakfast?  Well now that I am at the age of expansion (not by size 😌) of blogging and cooking skills, more time to plan the start of the day since this day does not require to work for the clock, so to speak. Sit in the yard outside in the cool morning. Breezing through the WordPress reader with the trusty cup of coffee and Diane also came to sit outside for some time and enjoy the late summer morning air. A  reliance  on social media and connectivity for inspiration, catching up on the news both local and global,  Hmmm… this recipe look like something that would give me some first day nourishment. With the ingredients on hand, it was an easy, savory dish !

  1. Scrubbing potatoes…
  2. Prep ingredients…..
  3. Start the cooking……
  4. Sweat the onions and celery….




starting the dressing


dicing potatoes


cooking the dressing


finishing the dressing

NOTE: I added a bit more sugar to the dressing, the apple cider vinegar used was of the home-made variety so it was a bit more pungent.


Finish by mixing in the dressing…. serve warm.



NOTE: if mobile device is below 20 % battery, then photostream won’t sync, once on charger though it works.




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Spyder XL hybrid stunt drone motor replacement

A continuation of

About the Propel Spyder XL


more info on the spyder xl

spyderxlamazonmore  hobby time…

The challenge was to replace the motor on the Spyder XL purchased from Ebay, an impossible task to get an exact replacement motor without buying another used Spyder XL for parts.

The unusual method is to scour the internet for a replacement, of course the possibility of locating such a motor was small. For the hobbyist, a ONE motor purchase is like finding a needle in the haystack. The best chances are pacific rim suppliers particulary China, the Aliexpress and Banggood web site is a very well know sites for drones and replacement parts but getting down to the nuts and bolts of finding the exact replacement, is daunting. Most motor specifications are only limited to what drone utilizes the offered replacement motor. Some if any give the dimensional measurements of the motor let alone the electrical specifications. A voltage guess is by the supply battery of the quadrocopter. Even many of the online hobby shops don’t give exact dimensions a they assume that you are doing a replacement for a specific drone, if the model of your drone doesn’t offer replacement parts other than the standard propellers, your on your own. (is it possible that the distributor of the drone restricts replacement parts, since most of the electronics are sourced from China?)

(getting further onto the hobby one could test each motor for current draw and voltage , with additional test equipment one could measure RPM)

To further add to this task is the addition of the shaft size and pinion gear that is used for the gear reduction of the driven propeller. Sharpening your search skills, limiting the budget to purchasing motors instead of a brand new drone or another used drone modifications  for motor replacement are part of the hobby.

One other chance is the site Alibaba, which some of the  purchasing systems is arranged by contract. Also this buy and sell site collection of outlets usually deal in larger quantity. One vendor, after searching Alibaba, contacted me through email, a major dc motor supplier. I responded with the measurements of the needed motor but they were unable to find a replacement. This demonstrates the level of service that many of the manufacturers show their customers even if they are dealing with a small order.

OK ! long story short…. I did get some replacement motors, one set too small and one set too large. The best bet was to install the larger motors with some modification to the mounting protocol. The shaft size and pinion gear was the correct dimension.

But first the problem with the motor with low output.


The worn brush of the low power motor. Not clear in the photo is a small amount of silicone type caulking at the corner of the brush leads which give it some tension to hold the brushes to the commutator. Later the small brush detached from the brush holder. When the motor stalls from a jammed propeller during a flight collision, max current flows wearing out the brush prematurely.  (Paper shown is for clarity)


The motor with the end plate removed.


wire color code of the stock motors. Capacitors are used on an otherwise standard DC motor



before and after view of the motor mounting modification. Trimmed  the plastic with a utility knife, elongated the mounting holes and increased the diameter of the motor main shaft hole to fit the bearing collar for a flush and secure fit. One of four.

Problem ! when testing the motors before reassembly for proper rotation, the power leads momentarily  shorted (and all most welded themselves together) and a puff emanated from the underside of the flight controller. DAMN!

Now the drone has lost all power to one motor and one side of the drones LED’s do not light.

Now to identify the components I took a picture of the underside of the board. Just making a random check of the board with the multi meter, I noticed a burned open in one of the traces!

Would this be so easy? Would any other components need replacement? I thought of scrapping the entire project!


smoked trace, upper left hand corner to the top of Q6, it acted like a fusible link.


the repaired trace bridged with a wire.


motors now in place for testing, when I spun them up I had to reverse the leads on some for proper clockwise and  counter-clockwise rotation. All LED’s on the underbelly of the craft are now lighting properly.


top view, blank connector is for top shell connection of the LED lighting.


view of the top of the flight controller, D5 and D6 optional ? U3 also an optional feature?

Bonus pictures :sloppy bench

IMG_2887ventilation wall 12 volt fans wired to a power supply.


the invisible gaseous substance aperture circulator for the removal of airborne particulates from the soldering area.

to be continued…


hydroponic update

Much has changed since the last posting about hydroponics, the one tomato plant remaining in the DWC since the removal of the other plantings that failed, has enjoyed a revival. The one plant several feet bare from the bottom to some blossoms at the top, has sprung growth all along the main stem.

One idea that was illustrated to me by  (in one of their online magazines) was the method of where tomatoes grow to excessive length, that they are lowered and then trained to grow horizontally. since the new growth spurt caused the plant to grow beyond the top of the tomato tower, I did drop, and resecure the plant now winding it around the poles and suspending it with the twine and clamps.

Pictures tell the story better than description.

(Small additional greens have been started and placed in 2 of the net pots.)



Thats the air pump in the background , runs 24/7, housed in a plastic container.



Egg and sausage

A food processor makes a quick task of making sausage meat, a bit of pork diced to facilitate chopping then add spices of what you like. I added some bacon for the fat content and other  spices and herbs. Stored in a plastic bag refrigerated at least overnight gives me fresh sausage meat to use in recipes or alone as a patty.


broiled sausage pattie,served on a large peice of toast with some green lettuce,egg and a cup of Mexican (origin) coffee.


Mary’s Victoria Sandwich 

Here’s a recipe from the popular (to some) PBS series The Great  British Baking Show.  I scoured the kitchen and pantry to look for ingredients on hand shortly after viewing the program and finding the recipe . A few substitutions to get this recipe completed. (August celebration cake!)

)Recipe link here(

Here are the changes :

Regular eggs in lieu of free range eggs

All purpose flour , added with 1 teaspoon baking soda, instead of self rising flour

Still use the 1 teaspoon of baking powder

Short on unsalted butter, the remainder was salted butter to complete

For the jam, about 3 ounces of raspberry jam made from raspberries from the garden mixed with about 3 ounces of Smuckers raspberry jam. Heated and simmered. Placed on a plate and refrigerated to cool and thicken.

Butter cream, salted butter, in place of unsalted butter.

Parchment circles for the 8 inch pans, used readily available baking spray.

READY !   SET !   B A K E !!!!!

Baking  the sponges, one came out overdone, temperature and attention are required when trying to replicate the recipe precisely. The  end result was delicious.

Cakes , jam and buttercream ready for assembly.

Raspberries jam spread on the cakes…

The completed sandwich…

The cakes were slightly overdone. We had to refrigerate the sandwich as the jelly contained fresh berries, the sandwich holds well in the fridge. The color from the filling  bled over time into the cakes. A good recipe if you like a sandwich cake that is not too sweet with frosting. The sponge recipe is easy to mix.


Light supper

Stir fry broccoli, green onions, a splash of wine vinegar, rice wine, scrambled egg with toast and shrimp paste.

Toasted sesame seeds garnish.



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