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recipe replicate II,

Back again, actually I made this recipe before the last posting…

again one from  Buchty Dough Recipe


after sifting ingredients, make a well in the center and add milk and melted butter.


Start to mix the dough slowly as NOT to incorporate all the flour at this time. flick some of the flour over the mixture and let stand covered about 30minutes….kinda like the last recipe I posted…


The result  after 30 minutes


Gradually add the beaten egg, knead in the mixer about 8 minutes

Now for the usual, let stand covered for about an hour….

This time your going to divide into 16 sections….


Now you’ve got an 8 by 8 inch pan prepped, so fill it with the 16 formed balls of dough, with added butter brushed on.


An amazing rise !  Hungry already !


One variation of this recipe from the basic dough recipe is a either sesame or poppy seed filling, I opted for plain dough recipe with black sesame topping


after a bake time, browned and done

excellent crumb !


Fluffy pull apart goodness !


Broil, or toast test reveals the texture.


In comparison from the previous post, these are more a sweet bun (or bread type recipe). 1/4 cup sugar int he mix.

Deceivingly fluffy roll but with big flavor and thicker mouthfeel than anticipated. I guess the three eggs add a lot to the structure

Will definitely repeat this recipe with the sesame seed filling.

Here’s the ingredients, for brevity Ive left off the instructions


  • 450g (1Ib, 3⅔ cups) all-purpose flour 
  • 1½ teaspoons Fleischmann’s instant yeast
  • 60g (¼ cup + 1 tablespoon, 2oz) sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 120ml (½ cup) warm milk
  • 40g (3 tablespoons) butter, melted
  • 3 eggs, beaten

BTW Buchty means small roll or cake.


Recipe Replicate: Hokkaido Milk Buns

From my favorite recipe here


Doughead here, if the forecast is for cooler weather then it’s time for baking. Time to try out this recipe.

This recipe requires a tangzhong. Essentially a roux ,heat flour and milk to boiling, remove from heat.

Weighing in.

I used a combination of 1/2 and 1/2 and whole milk for the dough

SAF instant premium, my annual supply. Never fails, but I might good back to the standard type as the flavor seems a bit different in a plain dough recipe.

Other ingredients out and ready, getting to room temperature.

Add the milk,combo of 1/2 and 1/2 and milk to the roux, then add the egg. This is the wet ingredients.

Mix in the wet ingredients, to flour and yeast, mix slightly till it comes together, I didn,t fully incorporate all the flour at this time.

Leaving the mixer and bowl as is, cover and let stand about 20 minutes to get the yeast working

Turn on the mixer and gradually add the sugar and salt. Mix a few more minutes.

More mixer pictures

Time to add the butter….

After the butter is incorporated, a good kneading for about 8 minutes.

This recipe calls for a 13x9x2, versus a 8×8 inch on another recipe I’ll post. Standard buttered parchment, though the recipe doesn’t say anything about prepping the pan.

All together now !

With a buttered spatula, grease it up for arise.

Optional reusable cover vs. cling film.

Check the date time stamps for time !

Section to 12 portions, no clue on arrangements ? I guess 4×3 . (the pictures on the website do show a 4×3 arrangement, but just going by the printed version)

Balled up and ready for final rise. Nice smooth dough.

Resting place…

Now more pictures..

Apply the egg wash, just an egg no water..

Another 375 heat, reduced to 350 upon insertion of the buns type oven.

Just some more pictures to illustrate the hunger for bread…

Open to examine crumb, light, fluffy interior, soft golden colors, with glossy dark golden exterior top .

Pull apart textures, don’t ever use a knive to split buns.

Buns are tasty, flaky, begging for butter, uuummmm…

OK, it’s time for toast test, rather from the broiler, no complaints here, let the photos do the tasting!

Done, but without going what else do you see, ? Sliders , jam, chili topped with cheese and broiled….

5 stars !

Ingredients for the tangzhong or milk roux
½ cup (120 ml) whole milk 20g (2 tablespoons) all-purpose flour (bread flour recommended)
Ingredients for the buns
320g (2½ cups, 11oz) all-purpose flour ( bread flour recommended) 1½ teaspoons Fleischmann’s instant yeast 120ml (½ cup) evaporated milk (I used ¼ cup whole milk mixed with ¼ cup 10% cream) 1 large egg, beaten 56g (¼ cup, ½ stick, 4 tablespoons, 2oz) unsalted butter, softened 1 teaspoon salt 2-4 tablespoons fine granulated sugar (I used 2 tablespoons)


pasta and tomato with a few others

Back to the garden, this year the tomatoes were soil based rather than the hydroponic which the tomatoes don’t seem to tolerate the high temps of the summer. Still some greens were still used in the hydroponics, some tat-soi and kale mostly.

The tomatoes flourished as removing the suckers resulted in  new heights for the plants and excellent fruit production for both the Roni and Sakura variety.








After numerous salads and the like, I made a pasta dish, simple, quick as one does not want to be over the stove in hot weather, and tasty. Rather bore you with a recipe or technics, let the pictures do the storytelling.













summer sourdough bread


NO KIDDING , but who can go too long without a loaf of fresh bread, during the summer unless you have a very well air conditioned kitchen, adding more heat to the house isn’t a good idea and the temperature may not dip that much during the evening hours.

What have I got to lose by trying baking bread in a …………. crock pot ?

So it goes like this , I’ll skip over the dough part, just prep your favorite sourdough recipe, form up the loaf in a well greased crock of your crock pot. the amount will be proportional to the size of your pot. mine was the average size old 2 temperature crock pot. Now in a warm non air conditioned room the dough set overnight covered till it became a nice bubbly mass.


The  crock pot can be located in an non air conditioned room or even outside when baking to minimize the heat.

Now set the cover ajar, as I’ve learned from experience that fully covered, steam will form and drip back into the loaf making for a much too wet product, set it on high heat. Those with the fancy digital types will have to go by their best guess as to temperature.

Check back in about 50 minutes or so. The bottom should form a nice golden crust as to the sides as well.

Having the crock well greased, using a rack or plate over the crock, flip it.


Now carefully place the loaf back in the crock crispy side up, for another baking session about 45 minutes or so, your time will vary depending on the temperatures of the pot settings. Again the cover is ajar to retain some of the heat and vent the moisture.


Sourdough being a rather moist dough might still be not cooked through as I noticed in past attempts. so after the second baking continued I down shifted to the low heat setting and let her bake another 45 minutes or so.


The result is now golden brown on both the top and bottom, don’t expect the same results that  would have resulted  in a regular oven. It’s kind of a flat, puck style look..

…. but the taste is the same and sourdough texture is there.


By the way you can try this with traditional dough recipes also.






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