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baugette trek

Seems like we are on a at least 5 year mission, to go beyond where bread making has been , in search of the elusive baguette. You (tube) will be assimilated, resistance is futile. You will try , try and try again to conquer the making of the baguette.

This effort started with a you tube recipe from baguettes with Patrick Ryan.

This is essentially a double fermentation of dough, one added to the other done under refrigeration, you will be baking on day 3 as you let each fermentation go one day in length and bake on day three.

The theory is that the long fermentation builds flavor.

 I,m no stranger to this as I usually start any bread I make with a pre-fermention not just as long as this recipe states.

just some picture of my first 2 attempts

Batch One


Just 2 long baguettes


Batch ONE done

Didn’t really follow the exact measurements, not bad, top crust didn’t really open where scored, and generally a even brown crust on the top , not all crispy at the sides.

Baked at about 425 degrees F

The crumb soft with  moderate holes from the fermentation. Still for me a delicious meal in itself.

__________________________________ Batch Two_____________________________________


1/2 the recommended amounts again as I didn’t want to bakes as many as recipes dictates.

Even with the 1/2 of amounts the dough ended up dry, added more water at the final mix. The recipe states “strong bread flour” not sure if the would include all purpose flour. I would like to try this with double OO flour. I couched them in a floured towel.


 The first batch I baked in a curved bread pan  These are going directly on a tray.


Scored and already opening up. This batch we are going for full power to the oven.


“Scotty ! divert all power to the oven !” , “Aye Aye Captain, but I don’t know what this ol stove will take, she could blow at any moment! “

At this warp speed the bread only took about 9 minutes, in retrospect I should have let to go another 2 minutes the internal temp was 205 degrees of the bread at the finish.

Also we are fighting the fact we don’t have a steam injector oven available, but I did the ol baking pan in the oven trick and add water just before adding the bread. Maybe I could modify my espresso coffee maker to pump steam into the oven !!!


Better crust on these but the sides and bottom didn’t get to crust as the top did.


 Nicely brown fissures in the top


The bottoms and sides not as well done, soft.  It probably would be advantageous to have a bread stone in the oven or to lay out the loaves on pre heated sheet .  Maybe next time.



Crumb nice and soft but no large caverns that you expect with a french baguette type of bread. Top crust is what I want all over the loaf.


Again a rather close crumb structure than expected. Next batch will be definitely a wetter, softer dough.


Taste is good ,salty enough even without butter. Doesn’t take long for the bread to loose the crustyness and the right out of the oven texture.

As the mission continues,  will be baguette method be found or will I just be roaming the bread galaxy for the holy grail of the bread universe ? There are probably as many stories and recipes of how to accomplish this. Perhaps the only solution would be to set a course for France  Number One .  Captains log , Out.



Eggplant something or other (moussaka)

I found I did get the basis of this recipe from a WP blog  Mostly Greek Eggplant Mousskasa , Eggplant Moussaka    after a search for eggplant recipes.

The eggplant is my fav meal, and at times better than the chicken or beef or used as a filler with meat.  So here we go.


I used ground pork instead of beef


I stuck with the cinnamon spice for the Greek style taste of the tomato sauce


some canned diced tomato for the suace


a bit of melomel replaces the wine

process the tomato sauce

salt and let sit for while to draw out some water, test fit in the baking dish


brush with olive oil, broil till browned, both sides

make the bechamel sauce

into the baking dish


add the tomato sauce


top with the bechamel and some grated parmensan, bake.


after baking, let cool a bit.


excellent flavor the eggplant, tomato sauce and bechamel compliment each other


not overly watery or runny, just right, perhaps a glass of wine and a chunk of fresh bread.







canoodling around

Oh  !  More dough, this time the noodle. Once you get hang of making dough for noodles, it’s hard to let go, back to the dried variety, that is if your not cooking for a crowd.

A beef soup base was the groundwork for the noodle. Simple dry  noodles won’t suffice.

Again I wont bore you with the recipe, this could go in a stew direction also  just thicken up the broth, yep add sour cream and milk or straight cream for a goulash finish.

I keep it as a broth , a bit lighter.

Since a small amount of noodle just grabbed the rolling pin. Dinner for two.


start with the basics


ok it’s the instant pot again, the searing setting give automatic temperature control


plate the meat when done


wilt up the veggies


add some stock


add back the meat


add some hot water supplied by the kuerig, seal up the reactor vessel and give it high pressure for a couple of minutes, this does the carrot effortlessly. Get on the with noodle.


over to the processor with the semolina and a yolk and i bit of water and a dribble of oil is also good.


Bzzzzzzzzzzz..Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz,, done


give the dough a break


let dry a bit after rolling


you can use a pizza cutter, nice and steady !


ready for the boiling water bath !


won’t take more than a couple of minutes


Flotation achieved, done


A big drainy scooper


plate up the noodle, top with the beef mixture, I think it only took a few minutes under pressure for the broth mixture, parsley, back to the computer…hmmm..    where the bread. OH we have the noodle no need for bread.  HA ! maybe bread and butter for dessert !


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