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Here are recent groceries delivery shopping prices


shopping, prices


shopping, prices

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While the current economic conditions have changed and we have inflated prices to deal with of certain commodities, shopping defensibly for bargains that can be found is possible. Smart shoppers always have this in mind no matter what the economic conditions. Shop store brands, skip highly priced items till sales and consider delivery for time and energy savings now that transportation can be expensive. Delivery services will typically add a delivery fee and a service fee but some stores will vary the delivery cost to less expensive time slots later in the day. Shopping early and scheduling a delivery later in the evening can save a few dollars. Some have a loyalty program accumulating points etc. Some delivery shopping services will give promotions like free delivery or dollar amounts off your next order.

Here are some recent prices including the local store which now has it”s own delivery service. In the past I have used Instacart for this market but Instacart will add a markup usually about 10% to each item . The store also honors the sale prices in it’s flyer for delivery. We still use instacart and online order delivery services for non perishable items delivered within 2 days. Even deals are found on eBay etc for bulk items like toilet paper from institutional supplies.

Using a ride service, incorporate a drop off from an appointment for instance, to the local market within the return route on the way home. It may only add a few more dollars (most people are now valuing cost to the price of a gallon of gasoline) to the total return trip.

Prices are generally more expensive across the board for groceries but bargains can be found.

these were value pacs each about 4 lbs , T bones not a usual but Fathers day is here soon !
Green Giant Fresh Celery (1 ct)
1 x $1.99Replaced item price:$1.99Replacement Icon Wellsley Farms Wellsley Farms Celery Sticks 2.5 Lb (2.5 lb bag)
1 x $5.49$5.49
Items found (BJ’s Wholesale Club)6
Berkley Jensen Facial Tissue (8 x 8 ct)
1 x $16.19$16.19
Wellsley Farms
Wellsley Farms Ground Italian Sausage (32 oz)
1 x $7.49$7.49
Dairy & Eggs
Wellsley Farms Whole Milk, 1 Gallon (1 gal)
1 x $3.29$3.29
Dole Iceberg Lettuce (1 count bag)
1 x $1.89$1.89
Yellow Onion Bag (3 lb bag)
1 x $2.39$2.39
Canned Goods
Hunt’s Diced Fire Roasted Tomatoes (14.5 oz)
1 x $8.69$8.69
on replacements you approved and what was available.
Happy Farms Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (16 oz)
1 x $4.39Replaced item price:$4.39Replacement Icon Happy Farms Shredded Italian Blend Cheese (12 oz)
1 x $3.75$3.75
Items found (ALDI)9
Dairy & Eggs
Happy Farms Mild Cheddar Shredded Cheese (32 oz)
1 x $8.35$8.35
Iceberg Lettuce (each)
1 x $1.65$1.65
Broccoli Crowns (~ 1.33 lb)
1.52 lb x $1.55$2.36
Little Salad Bar Spinach Flat Leaf (8 oz bag)
1 x $2.19$2.19
Clancy’s Corn Chips (9.25 oz)
1 x $1.29$1.29
Dry Goods & Pasta
Specially Selected White Basmati Rice (32 oz)
1 x $3.29$3.29
Dairy & Eggs
Goldhen Grade A Large Eggs (12 ct)
2 x $1.45$2.90
Crimini (Brown) Mushroom Package (8 oz container)
1 x $1.75$1.75
Celery Package (1 lb container)
1 x $1.49$1.49

shopping, prices

Instacart delivery

Is it expensive? consider, your labor (if you were to pay yourself minimum wage of —-), your time, cost per mile of vehicle operation.

from receipt

Items Found

Adjustments (Shaw​’s) 4
Open Nature Bone-In Lamb Loin Chops (per unit)
Refunded 1.0 lb

Some of your items weren’t available, so your shopper picked items based on replacements you approved and what was available.

Brussel Sprouts (16 oz bag)
1 x $3.49
Brussels Sprouts (per unit)
1.0 lb x $3.49

Weight Adjustments
Broccoli Crown (~ 0.81 lb)
Adjustment: 0.805 lb -> 1.0 lb
1.0 lb x $2.09

S Farms Whole Chicken (per unit)
Adjustment: 2.75 lb -> 4.465 lb
4.465 lb x $1.89

Items found (Shaw​’s) 7
Iceberg Lettuce (each)
1 x $2.29

Bragg Organic Raw Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (16 oz)
1 x $4.59

Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, Most Pulp (52 oz)
1 x $4.09

Signature Farms Trimmed Celery Stalks (16 oz bag)
1 x $3.49

Yellow Onion Bag (3 lb bag)
1 x $4.59

Meat & Seafood
Choice Beef Top Round Roast (per unit)
2.51 lb x $5.79

Quaker Rice Cakes Buttered Popcorn (4.47 oz)
1 x $3.49

Order Totals
Items Subtotal $51.09
Tip xx.xx
Service Fee $3.58
Total $64.89
Free Delivery!
You saved $6.48

The free delivery was a promotion, yes there is usually a mark up in prices from the actual store prices. Some items that are on sale may actually be lower than store prices.

If you are an extremely picky shopper you may not like having grocery delivery. There are options to select alternatives if an item is out of stock /not available. You can modify your list till the shopper starts. Your shopper can communicate by texting to ask for an approval of a change also. You rely on an experienced shopper to make the best choices. The system is not perfect in every way as with shopping on line or even going to the market and finding out there all out of a certain item. Real time quantities would require a system that requires shoppers to scan their purchases as they pick them like in an fully automated store (Amazon) and relay that info in real time to have that item replenished if the supply chain can support it, or have a picker in the store pick and store your order before the shopper arrives. In our area, Instacart has expanded to a decent variety of stores not only groceries. Prepackaging of items also is easier to select than a by weight items.

In my opinion, one tends to organize shopping more carefully as to the frequency of going to the store multiple times for a few items , This would also tie in to meal planning. Instacart does offer subscription services that lower delivery cost but it not required. Instacart is also available through a web connected computer (desktop or other device that can access webpages) so a smartphone device is not required. I’ve used both platforms and sometimes the messaging can have a bit of latency.

Grocery delivery is not new, in past times some specialty neighborhood grocers would offer phone in ordering and a grocery delivering to preferred customers. i don’t know though how the price was negotiated back then.


shopping and comment

An Instacart delivery, shopping pricesimg_20200402_121621




Items Delivered
Adjustments (ALDI)
Bone-In Assorted Pork Chops image
Bone-In Assorted Pork Chops (~ 2.7 lb)
2.7 lb x $1.99
Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops image
Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops (~ 1.35 lb)
1.46 lb x $3.49
Deutsche Küche Fall Harvest Soup image
Deutsche Küche Fall Harvest Soup (28 oz)
1 x $2.19
Deutsche Küche Harvest Potato Soup image
Deutsche Küche Harvest Potato Soup (28 oz)
1 x $2.19
Fremont Fish Market Medium EZ Peel Raw Shrimp image
Fremont Fish Market Medium EZ Peel Raw Shrimp (12 oz)
1 x $5.49
Fremont Fish Market Value Pack Tilapia Fillets image
Fremont Fish Market Value Pack Tilapia Fillets (32 oz)
1 x $6.59
Meat & Seafood
Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Thighs image
Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Thighs (~ 3.67 lb)
3.79 lb x $1.29
Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops image
Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops (~ 1.35 lb)
1.46 lb x $3.49
Nature's Nectar 100% Lemon Juice image
Nature’s Nectar 100% Lemon Juice (32 fl oz)
2 x $2.75
ALDI Finds
Specially Selected Plain Lamb Leg Roast image
Specially Selected Plain Lamb Leg Roast (~ 2.5 lb)
2.36 lb x $5.99
Dairy & Eggs
Friendly Farms Whole Milk image
Friendly Farms Whole Milk (1 gal)
1 x $3.09
Emporium Selection Parmesan Italian Cheese Wedge image
Emporium Selection Parmesan Italian Cheese Wedge (8 oz)
1 x $4.19
Happy Farms Mozzarella Cheese Block image
Happy Farms Mozzarella Cheese Block (8 oz)
1 x $1.85
Happy Farms White American Cheese Singles image
Happy Farms White American Cheese Singles (12 oz)
1 x $1.65
Boulder Napkins image
Boulder Napkins (250 ct)
1 x $1.65
White Mushrooms, Package image
White Mushrooms, Package (8 oz)
1 x $1.45
Iceberg Lettuce image
Iceberg Lettuce (each)
1 x $1.55
Boston Lettuce image
Boston Lettuce (each)
1 x $2.09
Little Salad Bar Garden Salad image
Little Salad Bar Garden Salad (12 oz)
1 x $1.45
Cara Cara Oranges, Bag image
Cara Cara Oranges, Bag (3 lb)
1 x $4.29
Canned Goods
Happy Harvest Crushed Tomatoes image
Happy Harvest Crushed Tomatoes (28 oz)
2 x $0.95
Deutsche Küche Harvest Potato Soup image
Deutsche Küche Harvest Potato Soup (28 oz)
1 x $2.19
Casa Mamita Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies image
Casa Mamita Diced Tomatoes with Green Chilies (10 oz)
2 x $0.75
Pueblo Lindo Chipotle Peppers image
Pueblo Lindo Chipotle Peppers (7 oz)
1 x $1.35
ALSO Amazon, Walmart
Track package
Amazon Brand – Solimo 2-Ply Toilet Paper, 350 Sheets per Roll, 30 Count
Sold by: Services LLC



    • Sun-Maid California Mission Figs, 7 oz
      Sun-Maid California Mission Figs, 7 oz
    • (3 Pack) BRUNSWICK Sardine Fillets in Spring Water, 3.75 Ounce Can, No Salt Added, High Protein Food and Snacks
      (3 Pack) BRUNSWICK Sardine Fillets in Spring Water, 3.75 Ounce Can, No Salt Added, High Protein Food and Snacks


  • Suavitel Fabric Softener, Field Flowers – 135 fluid ounce
  • Southern Style Nuts, Hunter Mix, Gourmet, 30 Oz.
    Southern Style Nuts, Hunter Mix, Gourmet, 30 Oz.
  • Sun-Maid California Sun-Dried Raisins, 22.58 Oz.
    Sun-Maid California Sun-Dried Raisins, 22.58 Oz.

    Qty: 2


    $3.98 /ea
      • (4 pack) Barilla Pasta Ditalini, 16.0 oz
        (4 pack) Barilla Pasta Ditalini, 16.0 oz
        King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 5 lb. Bag(2 Pack) King Arthur Flour Unbleached All-Purpose Flour 5 lb. Bag
  • Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, 5 Count Dissolving Tablets
    Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner, 5 Count Dissolving Tablets

We have been accustomed to shopping for groceries online for years so the new stay at home rules for shopping by social distancing and not contributing to gathering is nothing thaqt should disrupt shopping. From my previous postings on shopping, labor and  time saving  with convenience  is gained by  having others shop and deliver fresh food items through businesses like  Instacart, Peapod and Drizzly.  Now other grocers have jumped on the wagon to supplement restrictions of the brick and mortar in person shopper, Also not to mention those restaurants that employ or partner with delivery services.

But there are a few questions about how and if the internet and support systems can handle the load now that more people are utilizing that platform.

First and foremost, the system relays on people.  If those systems in place did not take into account the need for shorter, limited or longer  hours, worker protections and other measure that allow employees to work safely, how will they fare during a pandemic or other disaster?  Also note that this disaster effects people, not any damage is done to physical objects, loss or damage to property. Quarantine as a cure could reduce staff during peak demands.

Can the online retailers fully support the customer and accommodate the heavy demand? Same for delivery services  Some responsibility also falls to the manufacturing sector in the fact that any of today’s products may have an unprecedented spike in demand.

Acceptance of a changed quality of life does not sit well with some people as we strive to follow new guidelines for protection and measures that are needed to insure our health and minimize loss of life. Those who are of age remember the preparations and guidelines during the nuclear age.

It’s a stark difference on some online shopping platforms, many delays, and items started to appear out of stock or not offered for delivery. Those self employed gig workers now find themselves re valued as essential business able to operate while others are told to shutter their doors. Business that were reluctant to bring their business online now  reconsider adding it as an option and those who have strictly have operated online struggle to keep up with demands and protect their employees.

Did business see the wild card being played? Of course not. Will they have an effective pandemic policy plan in place or other policy for disaster mitigation with minimal loss of business?  Woefully we may never know whats in the cards until they are played. Hind site is 20/20 .





shopping update

The race to provide fresh food at your door is on..In our area  Aldi,  a global company have partnered with Instacart for shopping and delivery. So  all I have to compare Aldi to is my previous orders with PeaPod, from Stop and Shop.While both services do essentially the same thing, there are a few differences. But first let’s get this said, these are my own observations,  they may differ if you live in a different location, the platforms have have additional features or upgrades added since the last time I  used them and pricing may also differ by location. Or I could be incorrect.

Now just a few notations : (and these may also apply for none fresh food shopping services)

Ease of ordering

Lets face it we have probably started shopping on line years ago with Amazon, Ebay etc. So expectations are that the interface is clean and descriptions are accurate. Things that throw a wrench into the system is the vendor not having accurate and up to date info on items , here they may fall short , not having what you prefer, out of stock items that are never back in stock, or not offering substitutions. Instacart ordering does supply a substitution permission and the ability to select a substitution product. Instacart also connects feedback by text so you have instantaneous feed back when  the order is being shopped and the option to have the shopper call you before they check out . Your order items and cost will then vary from your original order.

Payment system:

If it doesn’t have a clear and concise payment checkout, itemized, and the ability to use either debit or credit, gift cards, and promotions , and possibly PayPal or another system then I’ts lacking. adding a tip is also favorable for a complete cashless checkout.

Customer Service

This should be a non issue if everything goes as planned, but in today’s world most online transactions beg for feedback on the shopping experience and tie in’s with social media sites.

Platforms of use

You could be considered old school if you use a desktop machine for shopping , some people may have only accesses to services  by smartphone, not to mention some companies don’t even support websites (per say) and only have an app for operation. (some apps may merely be an icon to a ULR address). Even so, the navigation and set up is usually different  for desktop browsers versions and could be different even if it’s a smartphone or tablet ! The point is it may be easier to use an app vs. a desktop.

Now the real world:

Transition from a brick and mortar to include e commerce doesn’t translate well at this time.on some points. For instance, getting a certain cut of meat, poultry etc. Do they offer items like Cornish hens, duck , turkey,  beef neck bones, liver, T bone steaks, lamb chops or shoulder chops,  etc. like you would find at the physical store. Meat and produce of course have short shelve life if it’s fresh, not frozen so changes are expected. But it’s a sacrifice made for the sake of not being at the store itself.  Futurist  would point out that virtually shopping could cure this.

Price consciousness:

If you yourself have been transitioning shopping from brick and mortar to online service, it’s easy to spot the price differences, I both have seen prices more than or less than what is considered fair. Some on line free shipping may hide the shipping in increased prices or quantity minimums to offset the free shipping..  Of course most vendors have a minimum order amount to prevent small costly orders

Difference delivery processes.

If a store offers in store pickup or drive up in addition to normal shipping, and either same day or next day shipping,  this further splits the decision on what you can get. To be accurate you can use filters  for searching by delivery type  , or wait, till your done filling your cart and go through your shopping cart to find out what you can’t get or have to pay a premium for. depending on the shipping method and certain trigger price  point for free shipping. Add to that, special offers and add-ons for subscribed members. !! WHEW  !

Aldi transaction 

  • Season’s Choice Frozen Brussels Sprouts

    $1.25 · 12 oz



    Replacement for 1x 1 lb Brussels Sprouts, Package (Limit 6)

  • Tri-Color Grapes (Limit 6)

    $6.59 · 3 lb



    Reason: out_of_stock

  • Boneless Half Pork Butt Roast

    $2.29 · ~ 4.85 lb

    4.85 lb


    Reason: out_of_stock



Stonemill Sea Salt Grinder

$2.55 · 3.15 oz



Broccoli, Package (Limit 6)

$1.89 · 1 lb



Cauliflower (Limit 6)

$2.85 · each



Black Angus Choice Top Round Steak

$5.99 · ~ 0.98 lb

1.1 lb



Black Angus Choice Beef Country Style Ribs

$4.89 · ~ 1.4 lb

2.18 lb


Kirkwood Fresh Young Chicken

$0.95 · ~ 6.22 lb

6.34 lb


Kirkwood Fresh Chicken Leg Quarters

$0.89 · ~ 5 lb

5.45 lb


Priano Prosciutto Italiano

$4.39 · 3 oz



Bone-In Center Cut Pork Chops

$2.99 · ~ 1.6 lb

1.6 lb



Baker’s Corner All Purpose Flour

$2.09 · 5 lb



Boulder Reclosable Sandwich Bags

$2.55 · 100 ct



Willow Facial Tissue

$1.25 · 160 ct



Countryside Creamery Pure Irish Butter Salted

$2.75 · 8 oz



Clancy’s Honey Wheat Pretzels

$4.39 · 24 oz



here the itemized from aldi

Without getting long winded, as long as there is one or two competing services, I may utilize either, until the penetration of either Jump bike or other transportation service to our area becomes available (in how many years?)  for those quick rides  to the store vs. Uber or Lyft.

recent order from Target:










recent purchase






A recent delivery


Those who follow the business news may know the the grocery business (and other household goods) is getting very competitive.

Having been ordering online for some time now, it’s good to have more than one player in the game. For some reason one of the retailers seems to switch products and it’s shipping arrangements. No longer offering shipping on products it formerly did, or requiring more of a bulk or multiple quantity of  one item.

Shipping also is competitive, most offering a free two day window (once order has been handled which may add a day) for a minimum purchase amount.







It’s been since January since I last posted on this topic and there is evolution in the grocery procurement task as always. One family member shops weekly with transportation  provided by the city for a small fee. Other staple items are ordered online and delivered, for some this is a huge savings not only in labor and transportation but freeing up leisure time. As people have looked forward in the past for the latest and greatest labor and time saving devices, now picking up your smart device or logging in to the online purveyor yields the service sector  economy at your whim to provide more leisure time, a filled predication of the past. (if that’s what you accept)











BTW if you go to the  grocery store, meet the new supervisor.

Another prediction fulfillment ?




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