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samsRecent prices from the warehouse club, late 2012

I don’t usually buy canned tomato sauce , but I like the flavor of the sauce for pizza and at $1.91 for a 6 lb can it’s a great deal.



Pony Tale Ale


      My second recipe,lighter than a Stout,  more Pale Malt than the Prime Stout grain bill with switch in hops.


Onion and pork pizza

20121209-171354.jpgOnion and pork pizza
1 recipe of bread dough
1 large sweet onion, sliced, FYI these are labeled as “Liberty Sweets ” USA
Sliced strips of pork, bite sized so they will cook quickly.
Parmesan cheese, shredded
Onions are the greater amount, I usually don’t measure the other ingredients. Just go by eye.

Sauté the onions, garlic and shallots with a bit of salt and pepper, in olive oil till throughly wilted add a bit of water if necessary. Towards the end of cooking add the pork strips, till they lose their raw color.
Prepare the dough by pressing into a cast iron skillet, this recipe has an addition of flax meal added to it. Also after pressing and shaping it into the pan gently remove and spread a seed mixture of you preference into the bottom of the skillet. This helps keep the dough from sticking to the pan, usually not a problem with a seasoned cast iron skillet and gives the crust a boost of flavor, depending on what type of seed is used, caraway, poppy, fennel, cumin, psyllium and coriander are just a few. Gently replace the dough and press slightly to embed the seeds into the bottom of the crust.
Let the crust rise, I often like a thick crust, and add the toppings as pictured above. With the oven close to 500 degrees as possible, bake the pizza, set the timer for about 13 minutes. After about 10 minutes if the pizza looks close to done, carefully remove the pizza from the skillet , I use a large flipper, and place the pizza directly on the oven rack. Some of the seeds may fall to the bottom of the oven but no a big concern for the oder they give off.
After several minutes , keep an eye on it as it will crisp up quickly, remove from the oven to a cooling rack, cut and serve with a cold one. The onions were very sweet and flavorful with being over powering.



Tuesday November 27th.
There are countless recipes for paella, generally when I make this I have rice with sufficient vegetables and leftovers. Some times I anticipate a fried rice recipe, but this is similar, instead of the stir frying for fried rice the rice gets cooked with the additional ingredients .

Make a fair amount, usually about 2 cups of rice and about 4 cups of liquid, stock or broth is a must for flavor, good for leftovers and for lunch box.

Saute in olive oil, white onions, shallots, garlic, diced , along with diced carrot and your favorite fresh ground spice blend with additional curry blend.

This is not a dish to hold back on seasonings, at least for me.

Salt and pepper to taste. Cubed raw chicken breast, or any other raw meat that requires full cooking, can be added at this point.

Add 2 cups short grain brown rice (this is what I have in the pantry at this time) with sufficient heat, that is flame, and stir the mixture with additional oil till lightly browned. Having the raw rice slightly toasted contributes to the flavor of the dish.

Heat stock to almost boiling ,about 4 cups. With the rice mixture at high heat , add the hot broth slowly about 2-3 cups. Bring to a boil if not already and wait till a good amount of the stock is absorbed. Slowly add the rest of the stock covering the rice , boil for several minutes and then turn flame to simmer and cover for about 15 minutes.

Have on the ready any other leftover cooked meat etc, lamb diced from the bone of the leftover rack of lamb from Thanksgiving.
Also some thawed frozen fish pieces that requires little cooking time. Mushrooms also and sliced green onions make a good addition.

After the 15 minute cooking time, uncover and check the firmness of the rice. Different types of rice will require more or less time and additional water. Add the lamb, mushrooms, onions,fish.

Cover and continue cooking till rice reaches desired doneness.

Plate (or bowl) it up, traditional served by bringing the pan to the table.
Yum !




remainder of pork loin chop, some was used and sliced thin for a pizza.
White onion, sliced about 1/4 inch thick rings
Garlic, course chopped
Broccoli rapa leaves, similarly to rapini
Washed and scrubbed potatoes,unpeeled

In a cast iron skillet, with your choice of oil(s) brown the pork seasoned with salt and pepper.
Add the broccoli leaves
Sauté In stages and add, potato, onions, garlic and more oil if necessary with a bit of water drizzled in.
Season as preferred, a slight bit of smoked hot pepper flakes for me.

When it is almost done to your preference, drop an egg on the potato mixture.

Cover. And cook till the eggs is done to your preference. Typically cooked white with running yolk.

20121209-122307.jpgPlate up the chop the the potato mixture with the egg. Coffee on the side. Mexican, medium ground , french pressed.
The grated parm (original part of the mis en place) was replaced with giblet gravy that was frozen from a previous meal, a small amount thawed in the microwave and added to the dish.

20121209-122534.jpgThe pork is a good substitute to the ham n’ egger or bacon and egg tradition ,with the additional greens added. Add some fruit alongside, the fruit I have is frozen at this time and defrosting.


Thanksgiving Day 2012

Photos and comments from Thanksgiving Dinner
Fruit salad
Spinach salad

Sauteed brussell sprouts with raisins
Asian sesame snap peas
Rack of lamb
Risotto con Porcini
Mashed potatoes
Stuffed potabello mushrooms
Panko breaded chicken
Butternut squash

Autumn apple tart
Pine nut cardamom sand cookies
White chocolate macadamia cranberry cookies










That's New Zealand Lamb Racks

Here are some current prices from the warehouse Club. Fruit and vegetables are good, some highly priced but we expect to have the freshest produce year round ! I don’t mind paying for fresh food vs. already prepared and packaged produce, but there is a limit.

The food demonstrators set up their stations at both ends of short isles that run perpendicular to the main meat counter at the back of the store. I guess as they are close to the section of what food they are showcasing with samples. As you can guess I usually don’t stop and sample their offerings. Now that placement of the food demonstrators causes limited access to the small isles were the food is ! With their carts set at both ends, half of the width of the entrance to the isles are blocked. To me, it doesn’t make sense, if you are trying to sell more product and at the same time obstruct access to it with the people and carts that hang around grazing on the samples..I’m otta there !I have to pull the ol’ ” leave the shopping cart at the end of the isle and elbow my way in” maneuver. Usually, I just browse the area to satisfy my curiosity and price gauging of products. I realize that floor space is critical at a retail store but give us room to maneuver around, especially when the shopping carts are over sized and the crowds are thick. This is probably why I usually go shopping during off peak times and then complain that the selection is lacking. (Seeing Oxtails in the meat cooler is something I have seldom seen and a dish I’ve always wanted to make so it was worth fighting the crowds.)

We are abandoning the turkey this year for the Thanksgiving dinner. ‘Nuff said.. the decision was reached for each member to cook a dish (or two) of their preference, an entree and or side dishes and or desserts. Turkey didn’t make anyone’s list.The home chefs will be clashing in the kitchen vying for oven and burner space and time! It also gives us a chance to try different recipes other than the old standbys.

For me, we could have a turkey for Christmas, but as in the past, some of the Holiday meals have been with a crown roast of pork or beef prime rib roast. Ham is good, but tired. Hopefully I can chronicle the event with pictures, but usually most of the persons who I photograph make faces to express their displeasure with having their image plastered on the Blog !

The place of the gathering had changed from an original plan of other than here at home, at else where with a larger crowd, to back here with a smaller gathering. Usually we split the dinner and dessert times to permit those who wish to dine at one location to visit and have dessert at another.

My share for Thanksgiving Dinner will be ……..rack of lamb, fruit salad, bread.

BTW, recognize your food providers during the Holiday crush, if you don’t usually cook. The cook or chef needs time off now and then and the best gift is a meal you cooked for them.

Happy Thanksgiving in advance !

One of the best parts of going shopping is returning home and sampling the purchases……



A new hobby

20121118-011614.jpg considering blogging this on a separate blog or page… Stay tuned. recipe to follow …

20121209-232706.jpghow’s your krausen ring ?


Celebratory meal

The wife is meatball maker today.

I’ll bake the bread, a good starter that I keep in the frigde, going. The one loaf I didn’t get a picture of today.

Often if we have a gathering that requires the table to be cleared, a scrabble board appears….. My mother in attendance…

salad is served


don’t mess with cook, errr ..I mean chef..

getting down to business

20121118-005608.jpgthe annual dessert presentation to me !

20121118-011009.jpga gift from Poland

More to follow…..


More loaves

Just a post to file another bread making session. Some seeds in this recipe ,a starter and yeast combo fermentation. Iitalian stye shapes with the double loaf pan. Snip top (using scissors).





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