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stuffed eggplant

A wonderful tasting dish, eggplant can be used for many dishes , usually I egg and breadcrumb coat slices and either fry or bake them. This recipe cuts the prep time considerably. Easily modifiable.

Ingredients: (in addition to the eggplant)

  • breadcrumbs, course or a panko type is favorable
  • diced onion
  • egg
  • sausage links

Simply slice the eggplant horizontally. I usually peel off some of the skin leaving some. Lay on a baking sheet ,cut side up, brush with olive oil. Bake for about 20 minutes at a moderate heat. ~350 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the eggplant is cooking, brown then diced Italian sausage, set aside, saute diced onions.

Now that the eggplant is baked with a wide spoon or spatula, scoop out the eggplant carefully leaving the shell intact. In a bowl measured by eye, add some bread crumbs, the soft eggplant, sausage, egg(s) , diced onion and seasoning as desired. I found that the sausage addded considerable flavor so I went light on the seasonings.

Mix and return the stuffing mixture to the shells, drizzle with olive oil and return to the oven , again baking till done about 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Remove from oven, let cool and slice, possible to serve with a tomato sauce also. A very tasty meal and not overly filling.

the baked eggplant
ready to return to the oven

ready to be served

Stuffed Chicken Breast

A basic stuffing, onions, celery with bread cubes. Make as usual with a bit of the Bell’s seasonings and wet with stock. Of course you could use a prepared stuffing mix.

A family member brought home some surplus bread, too much to consume before it would go stale, so I processed it into bread crumbs by broiling the slices, and processing in the food processor to different textures.

A sliced chicken breast, just some salt and pepper with addition course bread crumbs.

spread the crumbs on a tray with baking paper

place half of the chicken breast on the tray and cover with stuffing
Place the other half of the breast atop the stuffing, top with additional crumbs
bake and broil as necessary
serve it up…
served with some steamed carrots

Pasta and (chicken) meatballs

A bit of a change up, white chicken processed in the food processor, like chuck beef that I process for hamburger, with additions of garlic,onions, salt and pepper, and breadcrumbs that yield chicken meat balls. OK , I wanted the pasta too, semolina flour , egg and water, this proven mix makes the spaghetti type pasta that actually works in the pasta machine. Just let sit still 2o or so minutes and a soft pliable dough forms.( yep a real dough head here)!

Defrosted red sauce from a previously batch used for pizza. On the spicy side.

The other portions of pasta were bagged and frozen for future use.

Another day the chicken balls on pizza….. W/ goat cheese…

The soft Italian flour becomes my weakness…………..


Baked fish fillets with potatoe and carrots

Diane prepared the fish fillets with seasoned breadcrumb and rice crispy (cereal) coating that was  baked in the oven till crispy.

Several potatoes washed and scrubbed, microwaved, wrapped in foil , and later whipped in the mixer with milk.

Carrots, simmered in chicken broth, and then whisked in the mixer also served. Topped with fresh cut chives.

IMG_5498Served with a glass of fruit wine


chicken parm

Some recipes just have Parmesan cheese but mozzarella is also used.

kinda of a version that was on Cooks Country.

OK your supposed to have bread crumbs which I don’t have so slice and chop bread in processor.

Spent grain bread fro the crumbs.

IMG_5342since the crumbs are fresh, I’ll toast them in a fry pan.


very toasty ,perhaps a bit more than needed , the spent grain bread give very crunchy crumbs.IMG_5343Add an amount of grated cheese, parm that is ,and seasonings if desired to the crumbs.


Set up pans/bowls with beaten eggs, and crumbs close to fry pan, typical bread coating setup for frying.


extra dark and crispy

IMG_5349yep, these are course crumbs

transfer the chicken breast to a baking pan , apply some tomato sauce and mozzarella, broil till melted.

The chicken is not cooked in the sauce for maximum crunch.

IMG_5351top with additional sauce


Not the best looking pictures but delicious with outstanding crumb coating, good with a side of pasta.IMG_5353


Oven Fried Chicken

 Since many people don’t actually fry  chicken any more, an alternative is to oven fry , remember Shake N’ Bake ?

One fav recipe we used to make was from the one printed on a box of Bisquick

Basically coat the chicken with Bisquick and bake with butter.

There are other variations.


 Cut chicken into serving size pieces

usually you can chop the breast and thighs into 2 pieces.

cut the bone from the end of the legs and separate the wings, pat dry.





IMG_5086The coating can be a combo of bread crumbs, flour, bisquick, and whatever you have available, left over cereal, potato chips and/or any crunchy crackers etc.

IMG_5088season as to your preference


ready for coating


melt a stick of butterIMG_5091

get ready to prepare the chicken IMG_5092dredge the chicken pieces in the melted butter and then circulate them in the crumb coating.IMG_5095


IMG_5093arrange the coated pieces on a sheet pan, parchment paper will aid in cleanup.

Bake the chicken , this is oven fried ! about 400 or better.

It mat be necessary to turn the chicken as it bakes.


IMG_5099 IMG_5100 IMG_5101place the chicken on a large platter and serve.

for me the refrigerated cooked chicken is a treat to carry for lunch or a snack.



Boar Osso Buco

Time for another recipe of Osso Buco, very similar to a previous post, osso-buco-or-baked-marrow-bones/.

Boar shanks from PV Farmstand, purchased at the Wintertime Farmers Market.

Ready, a few simple ingredients that are slow cooked.


Find a covered oven proof pot that will nestle the shanks.


Prepare a mix for breading the shanks, here a combination of flour seasonings and breadcrumbs.


A good sized heavy pan for browning the shanks, a combination of olive oil butter in the pan and plain olive oil ready.


Coat the shanks with olive oil……


Now dredge in the seasoned breadcrumb and flour mixture……….

Coat liberally with the mix…..

Gently fry the shanks till golden brown…..




Turn on the sides to brown and seal exterior surfaces….



when browned, return to the cooking vessel….


add chopped onion to the oil in the browning pan……


Add the sauteed onions to the pot with the shanks…..


Add chopped tomatoes and some tomato juiced (canned is OK) to a sauce pot….


Heat and add wine…..


Add the sauce to the pot…..


Add enough liquid to go about 2/3 of the depth of the cooking pot….


Fresh aromatics dot the surface…..


A layer of parchment paper atop……Cover and Bake low and slow about 325 degrees at least an hour and a half.


Later…… DONE…..



Now the next day, (once cooked, cool and refrigerate at least a day beforehand, it’s worth the scheduling beforehand, once cooked will keep well in fridge), diced veggies and saute….


Bake some small  potatoes, fry or broil them slightly to crisp up the skins…. reheat the shanks with the congealed gravy……


Plate it up ! On shank per serving…..


Serve with a homebrew ! Definitely not a boaring meal !


Later on ,serving variation #2, with rice and broccoli and carrots…

Again, one of my favorite cuts of meat….


My compliments to the chef, your not the only one who sucks the marrow from the bones ……  !!!



Eggplant Grinder

Sometimes it seems the collection of brochures increases exponentially of small take out restaurants that arrive in the mail. New places, under new management, or new revised menus are reasons that these establishments publish them. Not to mention the ones that arrive when a household member brings in a take out order.  But stubbornness of the DIYer continues. When food is a phone  call or mouse click away, why go through the trouble ?

The eggplant was in the fridge, purchased by my wife, typically I would bake it with cheese in a casserole but a sandwich was in order.  When was the last time I made a sandwich, who knows ? as grinder shops and takeout food  restaurants surrounds us. Do it yourself obsession becomes the reality as the taste of fresh baked bread enveloping breaded eggplant comes to mind. The plans come to order, simply bake bread and prep and cook the eggplant.

Water extraction is something that I’ve done with the eggplant, easy peeling, now sliced fairly thick. Generously salt and place within an absorbent surface with a bit of pressure.

IMG_4463The sliced and salted eggplant is between the napkins topped by a rack with the weight of skillets over them.

Now on the the bread, I do have bread available but in a standard squarish loaf, not grinder type and shape, so out with the bread pan.


One single loaf recipe later the ball of dough is placed in the pan to rise while the eggplant gives up it moisture.

Flour (with a touch of spent grains), eggs and seasoned breadcrumbs are plated for the assembly line process of coating the eggplant with the crunchy-ness I require. Yep…. you make a lot of dishes to clean up, not a factor with this cook !

IMG_4464 IMG_4465BTW if you need breadcrumbs don’t fret, get some frozen rolls from the freezer that nobody wanted and were saved for this purpose, crack them into pieces, place them in the food processor with some Italian herbs and process into crumbs. Sequence , flour, eggs and crumbs. Normally fried in oil at this point but broiling and baking was an option I employed. A heavy cast iron griddle on the oven rack in the top most position with the broiler on high.

IMG_4466A bit charred and well done crispy. (photo is cropped as to not show the condition of my oven) Also to get the fried effect give each patty a spray of cooking spray, like canola oil or gently brush with oil being careful not to disturb the coating. It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyways) that you’ll flip each one to toast both sides.

IMG_4470The eggplant is light and has a well defined coating to each for crunch.

IMG_4471While the bread continues to rise and the eggplant cooking progresses… you’ll need a bit of tomato sauce for the grinder too…. !

Diced tomatoes, a bit of tomato soup mix processed/blended with seasonings and heated up.


Tomato sauce… DONE !

Back to the bread…..

starting to resemble a grinder roll, the speckles are a small amount of spent grains added to the flour, slit the top , because that’s how it’s supposed  to look I guess.
IMG_4468bake the bread , you can also place the eggplant in the oven while the bread bakes to insure that it’s done.

IMG_4473Done ! that pan gives a nice rounded bottom to the loaf. Crisp crust and nice light crumb for a sandwich.

All the pieces of the puzzle are coming together,  time for the final assembly. Configure your oven back to the broiler configuration and put on high.

IMG_4474Trim end of the loaf, taste it and then slice off a section as big as your needs. then slice it horizontally.

IMG_4476Next up add sauce…….

IMG_4477a couple of the eggplant patties……..

IMG_4478shredded mozzarella, and Romano added, now run it under the broiler….


Smelted and brown…..

IMG_4480top with a bit more sauce and the top of bread.

IMG_4481The final product before consumption….

IMG_4482Slice and take a picture…..  after your first bite, ask….. was it worth it ?

Reward the chef (you) with a glass of wine. Perfecto !!!



Chicken cutlet sandwich

Chicken cutlet sandwich
A slightly spicy chicken cutlet for a tasty sandwich.

Flatten, pound and or shape chicken breast to desired thickness and dry with paper towels.

Mix and crush up mustard seeds , a small amount of coriander seeds, and mix with yellow mustard in an amount ample enough to cover both sides of the chicken breast. Or use your own spice blend.

Smear one side the chicken breast with the spiced mustard (add hot pepper flakes if desired) and flip onto a bed of bread crumbs (mustard side down).

Now smear the topside with the mustard mixture and add breadcrumbs and pat into the breast.

Carefully place the breaded chicken breast on a baking sheet that’s liberally oiled.
Repeat with other chicken breast(s) as quantity dictates.

Bake or broil. Carefully flipping as necessary , remove from tray ad set aside.
Slice onions thinly and spread out on baking sheet, spray /drizzle with oil and broil till translucent. Set aside.

Slice enough cucumbers to cover chicken breast.

Slice a French type bread (or other type) horizontally.
Broil or toast if desired.

Build the sandwich with the chicken breast topped with onions and cucumbers.




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