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baked breaded (stuffed) shrimp

bread mixture with spent grain for breading shrimp.

Grate some hard cheese, Romano or Parmesan.


Add bread cut to fit in processor, spent grain, (or just spent grain bread) salt and pepper too taste.

Process to mix.


Drizzle in melted butter till crumbs are moistened enough to be formed.

IMG_4077Clean and prep shrimp as needed. Leave tails intact.

Scoop stuffing in hand and form around shrimp leaving tails protruding.

place in pan, some where baked without stuffing.

IMG_4078bake in a hot oven 450 degrees , shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes or so….,

IMG_4079not the greatest looking presentation, but very tasty.

served with a lager, a Two Point Five Lager I brewed.



start of the day

usually I start the working day with a light breakfast, as I’m not a morning person and on non work days, a slower more relaxed start and more time spent on making that first sustenance. More than not, coffee with toast or some other type of grain product and fruit whenever possible.

This morning oranges were available and 2 medium oranges were processed for juice with couple of green grapes thrown in for good measure.

Using the kitchen aid attachment on slow speed, cut the oranges into wedges and slowly feed into machine. I cut 1/8 wedges of orange in half to avoid overloading machine. That’s skin and all. The juice is a bit on the tart side if your used to sweetened juice. Coffee with a bit of simple sugar and cream and thick sliced spent grain toast served along side your fav social networking platform(s).

IMG_4101 IMG_4102coffee is a recent purchase from the coffee project, they offer the “two random bundle” , that is you receive two pounds of green coffee beans of their choice.  this is Kenya AA Tambaya, Neri. (current pricing is $7.00/lb USD, plus shipping)

In my opinion, a reasonable cost for a single origin coffee.

Bean roasting is done with a hot air (popcorn) popper. re-searchable on the net.

posting this without the intent of advertising any products or services, just cataloging the process for archiving and sharing.

A leisurely start, some chores to do today and cooking.


Various recent recipes

There hasn’t  been any recent recipes that have been cooked that would really need to be blogged individually.  So these are a few that I’ve taken pictures of.  Just basic recipes cooked before.


Pancakes, with the addition of some spent grain.


September 21



 1/2 Chicken Roasted

Diced onion, garlic, with fresh sage, and other herbs tucked under the skin, baked in oven. Salt and pepper with olive oil, coarsely chopped onions in bottom of pan.

20130929-143503.jpgSeptember 24th



Pizza with beef, onions, cheese, and herbs

September 28th



Brussell Sprout Wraps

Cook diced brussell sprouts several minutes in water. Wrap in flour tortillas with Parmesan and cheddar cheese.  Bake or toast wraps if desired.

(no photos taken)


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thank you !


grainola cookies, light and dark

two cookie recipes, both made with

One made with white flour the other with spent grains.

this is a modified oatmeal cookie recipe. scaled in half

1/2 cup butter (original recipe calls for shortening)

1/2 cup white granulated

1/2 cup packed brown sugar

1 egg

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

3/4 cup all purpose flour (alternate dark recipe with stout spent grains from brewing)

1 teaspoon baking soda

about 1 and 1/2 cups granola mix from

preheat oven to 350 Fahrenheit

grease or use parchment paper on cookie sheets.

typical cookie assembly,

beat the butter and sugars

add egg and vanilla

combine flour (or spent grains) baking soda and salt.

add to the butter mixture

stir in the granola

put on cookie sheets, rounded tablespoons, two inches apart

(is it two inches from the edge of the dough or two inch on centers?)

bake 10 to 12 at 350 degrees, mine flattened quite a bit into crunchy cookies

very tasty, the spent grain cookies have a molasses/ chocolaty taste.








recipe using spent  grains



comparison of cookies



Stout Bread, spent grain bread



Note: Also posted on my new Blog  “Peabody Pico” 


As a home brewer, I read several sugestions as to what t0 do with the spent grains after brewing beer. Most  the spent grains from brewed recipes, I drained well after sparging and bagged them and sent them to the freezer. Some of them I transferred to 1/2 sheet pans and put them in the oven (with a standing pilot) overnight at least to dry. Depending on the progress, I would raise the heat to a slow oven setting to quicken the progress and fold them as needed. I usually have enough from a 1 gallon recipe to fill two half sheet pans.

Now as dried spent grains there are many recipes to use them as is, but I wanted them ground for an addition to white all purpose bread flour. Since I yet to have a grain mill, I could try the coffee grinder to at least grind a small amount.

Setting the grinder, a Cuisinart model, to fine grind I did a small amount at a time giving the motor a break and ended up with about 2 cups of fine grind grain. The dryness of the grain made the grind easy on the coffee grinder Given the nature of the beer grain bill, from a beer that I call Prime Stout, a variation of an Imperial Russian Stout, the resulting flour is very dark.

Enough with the details, lets’ look at the results !

I started off with the standard e-z mix  bread dough recipe of flour, sugar, salt, and yeast

spent grain bread1


The Spent grain before and after grinding.

spent grain whole and milled

I figured about 3/4 cup of ground spent grain

about 3/4 cup ground  spent grain

Mixing up the base of the dough

mixing dough

Addition of the ground spent grain

added spent grain

Adding the remainder of the white flour. A dark dough resulting !mixed dough

Let the dough rise

risen dough

Form  into loaves and let rise again

formed loaves

The finished product, one loaf inverted.


The dough was a bit on the wet side , but still airy and not heavy.


The crumb, lighter than I though it would be and the taste reminiscent of pumpernickel.

spent grain bread

NO ! It does not taste like beer!

(maybe I should have added some hops?)


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