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Sunday Drive

The weather isn’t really cold yet.

Apple picking IMHO is better done in sweater weather, but, if the orchids call, fresh pressed cider to confirm the beginning of fall is flowing.

A Rhode trip to the northern part of the state. The foliage is just barely starting to turn not ready for the hard core leaf peepers yet.

If the orchid also has bakery treats, then all the better for the family sweet tooth(s).

Not only do you have your choice of apples, but your choice of the many orchids that have apples/fruits available.

IMG_8798Apple strudels and other pastries.

I had a taste of the apple strudel, very flaky.

IMG_8817one gallon and 1/2 gallon of cider.

one gallon to ferment, the other to drink.

The best apple cider taste, full body and mouth feel, deep red brown color.

As the saying goes, once you taste this cider you’ll have a standard to judge all other ciders.

IMG_8805One of the many other orchids along the way.







IMG_8809Back in the city, a stop a Del’s..


IMG_8814The Mrs. , official pastry taster …

IMG_8816Cider and apple stash..

Rhode Island Greening, Macintosh, Opalescent .

Some “B” grade apples were available, others are full size and top grade.

Pick your own also available.


leaf peeping road trip


ya know I read other blogs that highlight travel and food. At times it’s not easy to always be at places and snapping pictures with a smart phone, camera or iPad…. but what the heck… I do want to contribute some photography effort other than pictures of food. A mild fall day here so (again) off to get fresh cider. (and rye flour for bread). Since it’s the fall season and peaking color change of foliage , it’s leaf peeping time whether you like it or not.

My daughter in front of the Ol Trusty (and a bit rusty) Topaz .

I would say we are close to, if not at peak foliage turning date. If any longer, there will be more color on the ground than in the trees. In New England this is forecasted along with the weather. We pulled off the road for some pictures. I believe Route 6 Hartford Pike on the way to Sunset Orchard for the cider run.

One of those shots with the sun shining through the trees.

This is what the fuss is all about, (just kidding). Foliage color.

sunlight and shadow

bright reds and oranges highlight the evergreens.

The canopy of overhanging branches. starting to get cloudier …. Now, off to the orchard…

At the side of the store, looking towards the orchard.

In the old days, we used to climb the trees for apples, now these are available.

No autumn  photo essay is complete without the multiple pumpkin picture.

Typical orchard scene. Most if not all of the apples had been picked, The sign in the store set next week as the close of apple sales. The fridge in the store only had 2 half gallons of cider and was being replenished, only half gallons remain. The store’s shelves were practically empty.

The road trip continues ….. southward for some  rye flour, or more correctly, rye meal.

Did I mention stone ground rye meal ?  WOW! talk about getting stoned !

These stones are the burrs of the grinder.

No this is not a talking stone, the mic was used for narrated tours of the mill.

Today was  also the close of the the Johnny Cakes festival. didn’t get any pictures of the vendors there.

You can get all particulars at Kenyon’s Grist Mill.

The size of the mill building and store is smaller than one would expect.

Looking into the business end of the beast, you can see the boot and chute where the grain, corn at this time, is loaded into the grinder. Noticeably missing is any interlocks, guarding and warnings signs for a piece of machinery this big. But then again something this old didn’t have the requirement at the time it was made.

The top of the grinder, the hopper, filled with corn.

Another view from the grist mill room. How many people know there is Usquepaugh Rhode Island?

I thought is was United States Quepaugh, Rhode Island 🙂

A view from the grounds, the stream and waterfall.

oh, here’s the rye meal.

Get ready for some rye bread.


Cider Run

AAAHHhH… A nice Sunday, perfect weather. We enjoy fresh apple cider, so into the car we go for a short jaunt to Sunset Orchids in northern Rhode Island. Of course a variety of apples and fruit is available and the scent of home baked goods, jams, jellies etc permeate the cozy setting. We like Sunset Orchids, it’s store is reminiscent of a outdoor fruit stand even though it’s indoors. Coolers to the right house the unprocessed fresh cider and circular pole mounted shelves display apple butters, jams and maple syrup. A Sunday drive makes the trip enjoyable as my lead foot daughter deftly commands the old Toyota through the winding back roads to and from the freeway. Mission accomplished ,cider and goodies in hand. The sweet tooth nabs a coffee bun and a loaf of home baked bread. The bread doesn’t survive the ride home without tore off pieces sampled by the passengers and an apple consumed. I never saw the coffee bun ! An apple connoisseur’s delight Sunset has many varieties available even this early in the season. We plan on returning on a cool crisp fall day for apple picking.

On the way back fresh corn is ordered from any roadside farm stand. We quickly pull to stop at Confreda’s Farm located on the route back home. Not exactly your roadside stand, but a bustling farmers market grocery store and garden centre. Parking lot attendants hand out flyers outlining the many activities and coupons as you enter the lot. We pass up the huge garden centre and enter the farmers market, a modern style grocery store that offers fresh corn, 3 varieties prominently displayed, butter and sugar , silver white, and a extra sweet variety. I opt for the butter and sugar. It’s sold by the ear and by dozen pricing. The farmers market also houses a bakery and deli. The women quickly size up the sweet offerings presented behind glass display cases. For me it’s home grown veggies and a couple of garlic bulbs as I’m besieged with recipes ideas from the intoxicating variety before me. We return and we toast with a glass of cider.

The booty, from Sunset : 10 ounces strawberry rhubarb fruit spread, 1/4 peck macs, gallon cider,1/4 peck plums, (bread not shown). Confreda’s eggplant, garlic , peppers, corn, cucumbers, red potatoes, leeks.

Sunset Orchids



A few random pics.

















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