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chicken croquette

My version , a chicken meatball with a flour, egg wash and cracker coating . Another use of the vortex oven. Served with a tomato sauce and pasta.

Making them a bit smaller and using toothpicks would make a great appetizer to serve with different dipping sauces.


Sourdough crackers

Making crackers again, a simple dough recipe from zero waste chef. Sourdough crackers

The skill I am accomplishing here is the uniformity of the thickness of the dough. As it makes a big difference in the finished product, all the crackers bake the same and finish at the same time. Too thin and they brown to very thin crispy wafers. Too thick, a chewy not crispy texture. This will also test the resolve of the evenness heat in your oven. Rotating the racks and baking at various levels can accomplish an even baking. I also would like to convert the recipe to weight measurements for a more precise repeatability. The result though of this recipe is a very favorable cracker either alone or with a pate or fruit spread or dip. So easy once the dough is rolled out, you’ll find yourself wondering why to buy a box of crackers.

I’ve made a couple of substitutions to the basic recipe:

2/3 cup sourdough starter

3 heaping teaspoons of coconut oil (or olive oil)

3/4 cup whole wheat flour (I used all-purpose which may effect the quickness of baking and color)

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/4 teaspoon baking soda

extra coarse salt for topping (omitted so far, although I would try sesame seeds)


Combine the wet ingredients in a bowl (starter and oil) add to the dry ingredients.


I let the dough hook do all the work and made slight adjustments adding flour for a smooth dough.


Let it rest for about 6 hours, mine rose slightly


With a serrated wheel cutter used for ravoli, I made rectangular crackers.


The dough with the oil content is extremely durable and stretchable, easy to roll and cut.

Second batch : double recipe, this one the dough was slightly wetter, ended rolling the dough on the cookie sheets and added docking the dough with a fork. Tasty ! I ate most of the overbaked uneven crackers. These were larger rectangles than the first batch with 2 circular samples.


Almond butter crackers

An easy to bake sweet cracker, various recipes exist that can be modified by the type of sugar, butter and nuts. Some recommend vanilla extract be added.

  • Club brand crackers, plain
  • 3/4 of a stick of butter and margarine
  • 1/2 cup of sugar
  • sliced almonds

Cover a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Arrange the crackers to cover the cookie sheet with no gaps. The amount  of crackers and size of cookie sheet varies from each recipe.

Bring the butter/margarine and sugar to a boil, similar to making a simple syrup. Boil for several minutes.

Spoon the syrup over the crackers. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. Remove from oven and sprinkle with almonds.

We tried several iterations of this recipe, the best result was to get the syrup to just a slightly thick consistency and  apply it with a silicone basting brush. As for baking the crackers, closely watch till they turn a golden brown.

Makes a nice addition to a cup of coffee or tea, or an after dinner sweet.

One version (not pictured) was made with the addition of unsweetened chocolate to the syrup, using a double layer of crackers, applying course chop walnuts topping.








Card Night

Most gatherings cause us to make more food then necessary, but we have learned to limit the dishes to a few items.

a recent card night brought out these dishes.

A nacho style shredded BBQ chicken dish from my daughter I dubbed “Taco Mountain”

IMG_0335Fruit and brownies


Smoked Salsa

Veggies with Serrano chilies that where smoked on the grill with mesquite and diced.

One tomato processed with a food processor and added for juice.



Oven Fried Chicken

 Since many people don’t actually fry  chicken any more, an alternative is to oven fry , remember Shake N’ Bake ?

One fav recipe we used to make was from the one printed on a box of Bisquick

Basically coat the chicken with Bisquick and bake with butter.

There are other variations.


 Cut chicken into serving size pieces

usually you can chop the breast and thighs into 2 pieces.

cut the bone from the end of the legs and separate the wings, pat dry.





IMG_5086The coating can be a combo of bread crumbs, flour, bisquick, and whatever you have available, left over cereal, potato chips and/or any crunchy crackers etc.

IMG_5088season as to your preference


ready for coating


melt a stick of butterIMG_5091

get ready to prepare the chicken IMG_5092dredge the chicken pieces in the melted butter and then circulate them in the crumb coating.IMG_5095


IMG_5093arrange the coated pieces on a sheet pan, parchment paper will aid in cleanup.

Bake the chicken , this is oven fried ! about 400 or better.

It mat be necessary to turn the chicken as it bakes.


IMG_5099 IMG_5100 IMG_5101place the chicken on a large platter and serve.

for me the refrigerated cooked chicken is a treat to carry for lunch or a snack.



Welcome to canasta !

“Welcome to Canasta” was a phrase often heard from a computer game that was played back in the days of DOS and floppy disks. Many, many, years ago before the PC was a required appliance, we as children, learned to play Canasta , usually on Sunday afternoon. Generations of my friends family would gather around the kitchen table and I was expected to enter the game as this card game could accommodate teams, usually split 2 or 3 to a team. The rules were quickly learned as a mis step would result in friendly banter.

What does this have to do with a food blog ? More than not, food is served, some times the games would follow Sunday dinner. The years passed, gradually wives , and the next generation, and friends would also be educated in the play. For years my wife and I and my friend and his wife, play the men (“Manly Men”), against the women Canasta teams. Do to hectic schedules of work we make it a point to still get together for a friendly game. This particular evening, 2 games , to 5000 each, resulted in a split , one for the ladies and one for the men.

Now back to the food,
Here, my friend made pizza on the grille, and served along with crackers , perhaps I will blog the pizza recipe and process in the future.

pre game table
20130721-193728.jpg home brews for the game.


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