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Smoke roasted tomatoes

Peak harvest of tomatoes now, what to do ?

Nice weather so instead of using the oven indoors, fire up the smoker to roast tomatoes.

Prep the grille, a charcoal starter with fresh hardwood and a mix of leftovers from the last fire.

Mesquite pellets, a cup or two , fill the cup with water, the pellets will swell absorbing the water for maximum smoke output.

Not more than a few days from harvest, some within hours. I’ll reserve the cherry tomatoes for another use. Quartered the larger tomatoes.

Adding some garlic to the mix

Salt, fresh ground pepper blend and a few red pepper flakes.

Toss with a bit of olive oil.

Prep the perferated pan with oil to prevent sticking.

When the hardwood is ready, pour out to the charcoal pan, here at the lowest level. Add the soaked pellets, cover and let it come up to temperature. Sit the perferated pan atop and cover.

Smoking up, the hose is used to soak the ground below the grille. Avoiding flare-ups from unwanted embers from igniting anything. The bottom of the charcoal pan is screened for maximum air flow. A metal pan pan at ground level holds a small amount of water, a repurposed base from a water heater.

Oh ! I happen to have some dough around. Ready the flat bread ! A plastic mat with semolina give the dough ball bearing moveability with out sticking , like a pizza peel.

Tomatoes are done in about an half hour. The handle on the pan folds so it can fit in the grille when covered.

I did turn the tomatoes gently about 15 minutes to expose more of them to the smoke. Some took on a nice char. Set the tomatoes over a pan or plate after grilling to let the juices drain. I hand peeled the skins, just pull them off, if you like. Combine peeled tomatoes with juices. (After you sip a sample).

Added a few pieces of hardwood. Slap on the dough.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I’m going to pulse up the tomatoes, I did eat several pieces before processing ! Looking good ! Added a pinch or two of sugar to balance , that’s all folks!

Pulsed up on the chunky side.

Since I have the grille up to temp a final addition of hardwood, might as well use it to bake a loaf of bread from the batch of dough.

Whattah think next ? ……..

……….. Of course !

The flat bread, smeared with the smokeyness of the tomato, fresh picked Russian red kale

Microplane some parm, a decorative side of sweet cherry tomatoes and kale leaf. Olive oil drizzle of course !

Crispy flat bread uuuummmm!

About 25 minutes later……..

Done! One container of tomato sauce in the freezer, the other in the fridge. Tomatoes plants still flowering.


Grille/pizza night

Light the grille ! both propane and charcoal, pizza was the goal, I ended up also making flatbread, and spinach pies, my daughter manned the propane grille for her pizza, I’m the charcoal guy, if you don’t mind the char. 

It’s also in the news today a report of a famous foodie that took his life, we must always be reminded that no matter what industry,  it may take it’s toll,  we don’t know or may never know the details and respect the privacy of persons involved. Some  social media postings are too quick to judge , slander and defame someone who is unable to defend themselves.


Memorial Day Cheeseburger 

Photos from Memorial Day, other than memorial events, the traditional day to open a swimming pool, celebrate the beginning of summer, or grille.

Not having really any menu plans I just grilled the burgers quick, just by placing them on a grate over the charcoal starter for a quick grille.


a real light breakfast

The bacon was frozen, so chicken breast was available along with some previously chopped greens. Good Morning !

Fried egg.

Medium roast blend of Mexican Organic Chiapas Altura and Colombian Reserva del Patron coffee.



Brunch re-iteration

White flour flatbread made with a bit of bacon fat, lettuce, egg, beef, green pepper and onion, hot pepper relish.


herb flatbead

Catching up on posting, lots of pictures in iPhoto….

the love of bread with herbs from the garden………Flat bread means bread NOW !



Rosemary, Thyme and Oregano….IMG_6445

One batch of dough and herbs…..IMG_6446

Double batch of dough divided 24 times…..IMG_6447 IMG_6448

Massage 8 dough sections with oregano and form into balls…IMG_6449

Roll into flats…..IMG_6450

a hot griddle….IMG_6452

Now with rosemary…..IMG_6453

I was in the process of cleaning the drip pans from the stove, they were soaking to remove accumulation of crud etc.


a bit labor intensive, now the thyme…. the last 8….IMG_6455

dual burner cast iron griddle power…IMG_6457

work in the herbs…IMG_6458

getting all puffed up….



cooling….. half the batch stashed away so they all don’t disappear at once… IMG_6461


Herb and garlic flatbread

All of the herbs that were purchased this year were replanted into containers. By now there is enough growth to trim for the kitchen.

With the addition of diced garlic.
Added to a recipe of dough for flat bread.





20140613-214526-78326035.jpg with the addition of tomato and cheese, a mini pizza.





Baby spinach, eggs, grated Romano , salt pepper.
On a spent grain flatbread.
Mexican coffee


Bread Dough focaccia

Tired of the regular ingredients on pizza? Fresh basil and sage is available and a quick bread needed.
white onion and garlic to taste along with some sage and basil added to a food chopper, process.
Microwave with some butter a minute or two. Or sauté (if not in a hurry)!
Add to a small batch of bread dough.
Knead and add flour till smooth.
Utilizing corn meal, on a cutting board or equivalent , form into two flatbreads big enough to fit on a cast iron griddle that has been placed in a oven , heated to 500 degrees. Brush the flatbreads with olive oil and top with sea salt and blended cracked pepper if desired.
Slide onto the griddle and bake 10 to 13 minutes, till golden or well done to your preference.
Serve with olive oil to dip.
Goes well with a fruity wine.






flatbread revisited

Flatbread is versatile. it can be more adaptable than a slice of a loaf bread since it call be more readily rolled and wrapped around it’s content.


IMG_2482 IMG_2485

A standard bread dough recipe (for two loaves). After one rise divided into 16 portions.

The dough is so workable that a bit of oil is all that is needed on the counter top and rolling pin.


Usually right after rolling, I cook them. This time I left them to rise under kitchen towels for a more thicker softer  bread.


Instead of baking the flats, I like to cook them on a cast iron griddle, it’s faster and you don’t have to shuttle them in and out of the oven due to their quick cooking time.


Extra points and flavor if you have seeds, this time, some sesame, some poppy, and some without.


The high heat of the griddle produces a toasted, mottled effect on the air pockets that form when the dough cooks on the griddle.

With a supply of flatbread, just about any filling/ingredient will suffice for a quick meal.


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