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Habanero paste/ chicken strips

From the farmers market what to do with the large bag of assorted color habanero hot peppers ?  The purchase from farmers market gives you fresh produce and as you would pick from your own garden the shelve life is short, shorter than that of the supermarket variety, that is the peak of freshness only last so long after picking.

Vendors  sometimes offer various spice pastes and jellies at some of the farmers markets , so I took a cue and blended some habanero paste. Some of the other Habaneros were blanched and frozen.

Somewhat a mix by eye of the red/orange  hot peppers, leeks, garlic, and ginger.
Pulse to a fine mince than add olive oil/vinegar and or sweetener to taste to bind and process to pasty consistency.

Store in a jar , refrigerated for use. Can be used as a dip, very very spicy hot. Most often I use  for  a paste as a marinade, adding some items such  as onions, wine and vinegar . Indian/oriental  spices can also be an addition.

Sliced chicken strips from chicken breast are a example. Treat with the paste mixture , let sit several hours and broil or grill outdoors. A dipping sauce would be a good finish but I found them to be tasty without. 

Wrap in lettuce leaves with some grains for a spicy treat. Some chicken was plain with BBQ sauce for those unaccustomed  to the heat of the Habaneros.


Green Chili Tomato Jam

Adapted from blog Cooking without Limits

Substituted a few ingredients for a savory chili sauce\ jam.

Rough measurements, and by taste to get a sweet\sour taste.

Very  good use for tomato and hot peppers.


Green jalapeno peppers with seeds…  about 125 grams, processed in a food processor

white sugar……. 68 grams

apple cider vinegar …. about 51 ml

bottled lemon juice and peeled processed orange  combination ….. 2 tablespoons more or less

Tomatoes, cherry/grape type  is what I have harvested recently.

Pour the vinegar, sugar, orange and lemon juice in a pan

boil for 5 minutes, add the hot  peppers, Add tomato (amount by eye) to achieve and desired consistency.

Cook on low heat to thicken, adjust measurements if necessary, place in jar, cool and refrigerate.

Due to the size of the tomatoes, the sauce has a high concentration of seeds versus pulp. A good condiment to have on hand not only for toast etc. but a cooking ingredient for sauces and marinades.









Mixed vegetables

imageWhen the local farmers market , backyard garden, or store purchases gives you fresh veggies, there’s only limited time to use them.

Usually, I avoid  refrigeration if possible. Processing can take several forms, one being roasting. Here is a combo of rainbow carrots, peppers , onions, hot peppers, white onion Garlic, etc. salt and pepper, season to taste.

lightly drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle from time to time with chicken stock while roasting at low  heat.

cool, refrigerate and serve as a side dish or any other use.




chili and chips

Another session working with masa, a 2 cup mixture, this time added a bit of vegetable oil in addition to the masa, water and salt. The mixture yielded 8 large tortillas that were rolled between two sheets of plastic wrap.

To cook the chips (tortillas), a cast iron griddle was set on the top rack in the oven under the broiler. With the broiler running the tortilla chips were broiled till dry and various shades of gold. The surface of the grille and the tops of the tortillas were sprayed slightly with a bakers non stick cooking oil. Flip as necessary.

The red chili beans were made by starting with sauteed onions, garlic and celery in some reserved bacon fat. Hot small dried red peppers were added ,chopped, (from a take out Chinese dish that were not wanted) and added before the kidney beans and a can of diced tomatoes. Simmer the ingredients in a covered skillet adding seasonings such as cilantro, seeds, ground cardamon, ground cumin etc to taste. Let cool slightly and break up the chips to use as scoops. Scoop up the beans on a chip and add your choice of shredded cheese.

Served with beverages.








just a few items purchased, this bakery is well stocked with many items and of course dairy products.

bakery items Wrights Dairy Farm, Woonsocket Rhode, Island

asquares    applesrlable
macaroons macroonlabel
sbreadcookies sbreadlabel
rubarbsquares rhubarblabel
 mmcookies mmlabel
 magicsquares magicbarslabel


not pictured, cheddar cheese $14.00 per pound



also produce from Morris Farms, Warwick Avenue, Warwick Rhode island

They now also sell beef

Morris Farms link through farm



other notes:

shopping from warehouse club

organic spinach 4.99

Botto Hot Sausage patties 4.5 lbs  $5.99

Strawberries 2lbs @ $4.99

whole milk $3.01/gallon

Also  peaches and apples from Bardens Farm, We missed the prime picking for peaches this year, practically all of the peach orchid was picked cleaned. Purchased 20 lbs B grade tomatoes ,processed into sauce and peeled and froze some whole for later use.


internet shopping:

Monterey bay spice /

restocking items

sampling teas


SKU: Product Quantity Price Ext. Price
112 Sesame seed, natural Organic-Per Pound 1 $3.50 $3.50
1499-OUNCES Cumin seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.60 $1.60
816-OUNCES Poppy seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.40 $1.40
884-OUNCES Celery seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.16 $1.16
813-OUNCES Ginger root, c/s-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $2.40 $2.40
467-OUNCES Dill seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.20 $1.20
1068-OUNCES Caraway seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.52 $1.52
1488-OUNCES Cinnamon sticks, 6″ (50 sticks/lb)-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.60 $1.60
1833-OUNCES Green tea (China), c/s-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $2.20 $2.20
383-SAMPLE Green tea (Sencha), Organic-SAMPLE (4 servings) 1 $2.00 $2.00
2094-SAMPLE Jasmine tea Organic-SAMPLE (4 servings) 1 $2.00 $2.00
Order Notes:


SubTotal: $20.58
Shipping: UPS Ground $13.12
Tax: $0.00


Hodgson Mills

restocking grains, flours etc.

As I have been baking bread often, I vary the recipe using white ,wheat and rye flours and a variety of seeds.

The vital wheat gluten has improved the texture of the breads.



Semolina Pasta Flour-2LB.
Product code :

each (1-2LB.)1$3.70 /EACH$3.70

Whole Wheat Couscous-11oz.
Product code :

each (1-11oz.)1$2.10 /EACH$2.10

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour-2lb.
Product code :

each (1-2LB.)1$3.10 /EACH$3.10

Whole Grain Flax Seed
Product code :

each (1-16oz.)1$3.25 /EACH$3.25

Bulgur Wheat with Soy Grits-18oz.
Product code :

each (1-18oz.)1$2.40 /EACH$2.40

Gluten Free Xanthan Gum
Product code :

each (1-9g. pkg)1$0.45 /EACH$0.45

Vital Wheat Gluten w / Vitamin C-6.5oz.
Product code :

each (1-6.5oz.)1$1.90 /EACH$1.90

Organic Whole Wheat Flour-2LB.
Product code :

each (1-2LB.)1$3.55 /EACH$3.55

Sub total : USD $20.45
Shipping : USD $11.77
Total : USD $32.22

garden lasagna

        from the Garden Lasagnaaug28 228

aug28 236       peel, slice, salt and let drain the eggplant,

roast on a baking sheet till some what limp

set aside for assembly

aug28 240

aug28 242

  • sauté an amount of  garlic in a saucepan with oil

season with salt & pepper, add flour and more oil if needed and  cook like a roux

aug28 243

add milk, I guess about 1/2 cup

more  stock than milk,

several slices of American cheese

cook slightly to reach a boil,

temper in two eggs,

simmer, should be  pretty thick and rich to compliment the

vegetables and  enough for a 13×9 size lasagna

aug28 245

  • add about several tablespoons of tomato paste, heat through, remove from heat, set aside. Since the stock is rich, a slight salt and pepper is all I use, oops, and  a wicked small amount of smoked hot red pepper flakes, no more than a pinch, you want the flavors of the veggies up front.

aug28 246

aug28 247

make wide pasta noodles, I like noodles between each vegetable so I go down to #2 setting.

I don’t fuss, mix about 1 cup flour and 1 egg in the kitchen aid with the beater, add a bit of water till it’s almost together.

no waiting either, right to the pasta machine. I made the pasta on demand, it ended up being 2 batches

aug28 248  boil, drain, trim as necessary, dry on kitchen towel                                           spread sauce on bottom of the pan

aug28 249

IMG_1501 start assembly

  •   noodles
  • fresh sliced tomato
  • noodles
  • roasted eggplant
  • noodles
  • raw sliced green peppers for crunch


use a small amount of sauce with each layer

top with fresh herbs


last, cover with noodles


and sauce


mmmmmmmmmmmmm…. now were talking lasagna ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

off to a 325 oven, bring it up slowly till slightly bubbly

I don’t know about 1/2 hour or more

if you made the sauce at the right consistency, it won’t be really bubbly or bubble over

of course give it time to rest before serving

IMG_1510 IMG_1512 IMG_1511

I hit the mark with this one, I could cut a piece from the pan and pick it up with my hand without it falling apart.

the simplicity and freshness of the flavors are apparent.

Now, to food bloggers who post REAL pictures of their food and kitchen my salute !!!!

IMG_1505 IMG_1506

IMG_1507 IMG_1508 IMG_1509



breakfast yesterday, scrambled eggs, with green onions,tomatoes and chili peppers, hot !


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