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The Kodak Moment that didn’t develop (yet)



There have been many articles posted on the internet about the filing of Bankruptcy by Kodak, I have read a few and here are some of my comments:


  • too iconic, “Kodak” was always associated with photographic film technology, at least to the average consumer.
  • businesses that don’t take into account the value of internet feedback and it’s ability to bypass the word of mouth recommendations to buy a product. For instance a purchase decision influenced by online reviews rather a recommendation of a friend or family member. The ability through on-line social networking to get the opinions of experts and many users to weigh a decision BOTH on a purchase and a business practice (bank fees)
  • Realize that if a current product,  a sale, or a service can be digitized, (audio,video, text) and accessed by a internet connection,creation and/or distribution can be radically altered and time lines shrunk. Example : books, E-readers, personal publishing, movie streaming, downloading audio. The On-demand generation ?


In the same realm, here an article about big box retailers:

Will the following increase, decrease, or remain the same?

  • Ordering or receiving a product to your door by the internet (or even by mail order or phone) vs. a Brick and Mortar  purchase. 
  • A consumer custom designs  a product or service to his/her preference via computer and internet.

Real time blogging?


Tiny Chat is a real time audio/video streaming 2 way conference type website. Having a broadband connection and camera enabled computer (I don’t know if this is available for mobile devices, yet) it’s possible to have a live audio/video interactive feed in a chat room setting with your friends. The technology is not really new but the fact that broadband connections are becoming more common nowadays allows more households to participate and collaborate on projects.


computer, broadband and network access, Renee Metro

Is this the future of cooking programs?


Face Book Time Line

face book time line,  (mine is going live tomorrow), has more of a Blog look to it ,as most Blogs are laid out chronologically.  Most of my old photographs etc.  are located there, but the main food and recipes postings will be here at WordPress. One of my New Years Resolutions will to be add more old pictures/recipes at both sites.





just a few items purchased, this bakery is well stocked with many items and of course dairy products.

bakery items Wrights Dairy Farm, Woonsocket Rhode, Island

asquares    applesrlable
macaroons macroonlabel
sbreadcookies sbreadlabel
rubarbsquares rhubarblabel
 mmcookies mmlabel
 magicsquares magicbarslabel


not pictured, cheddar cheese $14.00 per pound



also produce from Morris Farms, Warwick Avenue, Warwick Rhode island

They now also sell beef

Morris Farms link through farm



other notes:

shopping from warehouse club

organic spinach 4.99

Botto Hot Sausage patties 4.5 lbs  $5.99

Strawberries 2lbs @ $4.99

whole milk $3.01/gallon

Also  peaches and apples from Bardens Farm, We missed the prime picking for peaches this year, practically all of the peach orchid was picked cleaned. Purchased 20 lbs B grade tomatoes ,processed into sauce and peeled and froze some whole for later use.


internet shopping:

Monterey bay spice /

restocking items

sampling teas


SKU: Product Quantity Price Ext. Price
112 Sesame seed, natural Organic-Per Pound 1 $3.50 $3.50
1499-OUNCES Cumin seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.60 $1.60
816-OUNCES Poppy seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.40 $1.40
884-OUNCES Celery seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.16 $1.16
813-OUNCES Ginger root, c/s-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $2.40 $2.40
467-OUNCES Dill seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.20 $1.20
1068-OUNCES Caraway seed, whole-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.52 $1.52
1488-OUNCES Cinnamon sticks, 6″ (50 sticks/lb)-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $1.60 $1.60
1833-OUNCES Green tea (China), c/s-Per 1/4 Pound 1 $2.20 $2.20
383-SAMPLE Green tea (Sencha), Organic-SAMPLE (4 servings) 1 $2.00 $2.00
2094-SAMPLE Jasmine tea Organic-SAMPLE (4 servings) 1 $2.00 $2.00
Order Notes:


SubTotal: $20.58
Shipping: UPS Ground $13.12
Tax: $0.00


Hodgson Mills

restocking grains, flours etc.

As I have been baking bread often, I vary the recipe using white ,wheat and rye flours and a variety of seeds.

The vital wheat gluten has improved the texture of the breads.



Semolina Pasta Flour-2LB.
Product code :

each (1-2LB.)1$3.70 /EACH$3.70

Whole Wheat Couscous-11oz.
Product code :

each (1-11oz.)1$2.10 /EACH$2.10

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour-2lb.
Product code :

each (1-2LB.)1$3.10 /EACH$3.10

Whole Grain Flax Seed
Product code :

each (1-16oz.)1$3.25 /EACH$3.25

Bulgur Wheat with Soy Grits-18oz.
Product code :

each (1-18oz.)1$2.40 /EACH$2.40

Gluten Free Xanthan Gum
Product code :

each (1-9g. pkg)1$0.45 /EACH$0.45

Vital Wheat Gluten w / Vitamin C-6.5oz.
Product code :

each (1-6.5oz.)1$1.90 /EACH$1.90

Organic Whole Wheat Flour-2LB.
Product code :

each (1-2LB.)1$3.55 /EACH$3.55

Sub total : USD $20.45
Shipping : USD $11.77
Total : USD $32.22

windows live writer

As with everything else, downloading apps is the standard practice these days, which is about the same as installing software instead it’s function may be associated with a particular program. Puttering around and checking out recommended apps, windows live writer was on the list. At first look it appeared to be a fancy HTML editor/composer but what the heck I could always uninstall it if I found it to be unnecessary. One of the points of the live windows live writer (why does the word “live” seems to be a favorite buzzword now for titles ) is that you can write up and post directly to your blog, simple if it’s on the list, otherwise If you post to an off beat blog you have to supply a URL address so it seems. Down loading BTW prompts you to download other windows (live) items which I unchecked.test graphics insertion

I’ve always at one time or another used a HTML composer editor  that being, I could whip up a quick page using the email composer of Netscape 7.1 or it’s html composer and cut and paste into a blog or live writer  has most of the bells and whistles you need without being too heavy. Some of it’s strong points are the ability to save drafts locally, off line composing, and the direct line connection with your blog that imports certain elements of your blog editing capabilities and feel. When I switch from wordpress to live journal in windows live writer, it even uses some elements of the theme, background colors etc. Another point is that you have a dedicated window for all the composing/editing chores that I find sometimes is difficult to do in your blogs cloud because of the limited size of the editing window, all the ancillary menus and dashboard controls take up screen space. Also editing and/or correcting or reposting within your blog, say a large post with graphics, is cumbersome  because of the large amount of info you have to navigate through within a limited size editing window.  If you have a slow connection, at times the text/graphics may stutter or drag while your typing away, the effect of going back and forth between the cloud of your blog. If you want to update or edit a previous blog posting in windows live writer, pull up the published blog, edit,  and simply re publish and the blog is updated, something that is not readily noted. (if the draft is used it may publish a duplicate posting though).


Getting back to installation, it was flawless and gives you  the standard desktop icon to launch windows live writer as needed. One thing is that you are prompted to supply your blogs user name and log in info so it can integrate with the blog. Once  live writer downloads the editing elements of your blog is done, you only need to log in to your blog through live writer when you hit the publishing button.

I haven’t used  windows live writer long enough to test all of it’s features, if indeed i need them, but overall it’s a plus for  me by being able to compose off line in a large scalable window , have all the necessary editing elements (including easy graphics editing property features) and the ability to save and/or auto save drafts offline (local) and save\auto save drafts to your blog site, for  “when i get around to it” finishing of your postings.

Surprised, no buttons for facebook/twitter posting though I have that feature through my blogs.

LiveJournal Tags: ,

New Items

From The Coffee Project:

4 ounces of Cocoa nibs, from Peru, Organic @ $1.60 per ounce. So far I have ground a very small amount with coffee beans for a mocha blend , good tasting results, they can be eaten as a snack such as a trail mix, will look up other recipe ideas.

Tea, Darjeeling, Fair trade Black Tea, $4.00 ; brew , hot or iced tea, good with ginger syrup and as a drink with liquor. (Simply Ming has recipes for ginger syrup and it’s uses) Good if you want an alternative to coffee now and then.

One of my fav coffees, it figures! (Mexican Chipas FT ) is up to $7.00 (USD) /pound now highlighting the increase in some food commodity prices. Used to be in the $5.50/pound price range.

note: mispelling of “cocoa” might attract unwanted attention !

Shopping : netgrocer

There are times when your pantry needs a few staple items that you like to have on hand but doesn’t warrant a quick trip to the market for. I have used Netgrocer once and awhile over the years. They have a good selection of items reasonable priced and reasonable shipping charges. I placed the order online November 6 for 33 items, molasses, rice, canned items, corn masa, pasta, soup pastas, dry peas (beans), barley and bulgar wheat etc. . Shipping was $9.99 USD. Paypal payment is an option . The order arrived 11/13/2010. You can save your shopping list online and reorder items with the click of a mouse. A quick way too keep up on staple items. The items are well packed and none were broken and /or damaged.

Anna Tubetti $1.65
Barilla Ditalini $1.75
Cento Tomato Paste $0.99
Goya Sardines $2.19
Goya Bulgar Wheat – Coarse $2.69
Grandma’s Molasses $4.25
Jack Rabbit Navy Peas $1.55
Jardines Molasses – Kansas City Slow Mo $5.15
Masa Brosa Instant Corn Masa $3.59
Mother’s Barley – 100% Natural Whole Grain $1.95
Pasta Lensi Imported Pasta – Fusilli $1.15
Polar Flat Filets of Anchovies with Olive Oil $1.65
ShopRite Brown Rice – Natural Long Grain $1.69
ShopRite Rice – Long Grain Enriched $3.59
ShopRite Peeled Whole Tomatoes In Tomato Juice $1.05
ShopRite Macaroni $3.59



viewing the election

While I am not a huge fan of television provided by cable , dish, fiber, or for that matter any paid content contract , when you are able to receive television broadcast choices off the air for free, I have over the years have had a broader choice of content since being connected to the the internet. The election night proved that the interactivity of the user has more of their choice through the internet. By an internet connection, websites had the interactive maps that showed the election results auto updated and, with various mouse rollovers, could be zoomed in for various results from different areas and even senate and house results on demand. About the same thing that the TV networks would provide, only the TV networks passively provided the results at their discretion . With the internet’s ability to have your own choice of concurrently running web pages, maps and even live commentary ,such as twitter, which provides more broadbased comments and the ability to rebut from just about anyone able to text a message, this can be streamed to your desktop or networked devices. (or wide screen if you have the internet connected to it). Another example on how the internet and paid content subscription services are differing. With the connection speeds increasing and the boom in online video, some will choose the mouse over the remote.


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