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Meat n’ Wheat

Bread has been a passion, the home baked variations are many. The succulent taste of meat combined with bread is a flavor perhaps learned from the humble hamburger. I have thought of the best recipe to combine the meat with bread, Beef Wellington,  Empanadas  and the likes, even considering baking bread with ground beef in the dough. But for me the real deal was not bread but wheat, cooked to absorbed the juices of the particular meat chosen and at the top of my scale is lamb. So this is the  recipe, adaptable to other flavors.

In a suitable pan for cooking the meal brown the meat, here , lamb loin chops. Salt and cracked  pepper of course.


Set the meat aside keeping the  the juices rendered during the browning process in the pan.

Prep ingredients….



The magic ingredient here is Bulgar.

Saute up the root vegetables then add the tomatoes, here onion ,shallots and garlic are used. As to your liking herbs and spices, I used a smattering of cinnamon and just a few coriander seeds for small burst of flavors.

Add the Bulgar to absorb the juices now in the pan, and cook for several minutes. I added sesame seeds, a frequently used staple in cooking and baking . Not toasted in this recipe.


Return the meat to the pan atop the Bulgar.


Add liquid, stock is preferred, roughly twice as much by measure as the amount of wheat. If stock is not hot, bring pan to a boil first.


Cover and simmer or place  into a hot oven if you like, about 20 minutes, remove from heat and let rest covered a few minutes.

The finished result is tender meat surrounded by a most favorable wheat mixture.


MMMM…. the flavor of the lamb is incomparable when combined with the Bulgar. A close recipe is Kibbeh, also a favorite which is very close to a Meat n’ Wheat ultimate combination.    WOW recipe link , 6 years ago !


Lamb shank with eggplant

Loosely followed from “Engryah”,  meat and eggplant,

Braised lamb shank with eggplant, a savory meal !

The shank was trimmed of silvery skin and fat.IMG_8295With a bit of olive oil, the trimmings were rendered when heated.

IMG_8296Brown up the shank, remove . The cracklings go to the cook !


Start the veggies with chopped onion…

IMG_8297A family member brought home some turmeric, Maybe sorta like a spicy carrot flavor ? Very bright color and a lot of staining power ! Turning things orange, will I turn orange if I eat too much …? :-), don’t  forget to bring on the garlic too ! (peel and diced the turmeric root) and a bit of ginger root.

IMG_8299What else is on the counter?… toss in the dried hot  pepper flakes if ya got’em…. some of mine were smoked and I have  some sun dried dried tomatoes.


IMG_8301Building flavors for the lamb, heat up some  veggie or chicken stock in another pan…

IMG_8302Add the shank back to the pan, add enough boiling stock to cover veggies and about 1/2 way up the shank.



IMG_8304Cover and simmer….

Were only halfway home ,now prep the eggplant. Peel to leave strips on the side. Salt , press, wait an hour, and rinse.

IMG_8306In a skillet , brown in olive oil,  mmmmm…. won’t be long now !


IMG_8308If frying in batches, set aside on paper towel…

IMG_8309Depending on the size and amount of meat, slowly cook til tender about 45 minutes or better.

IMG_8310Layer the eggplant over the meat, place tomato slices (I didn’t have any) on top. Sprinkled with lemon juice and sugar.

Now for the final cooking , simmer for 20-30 minutes.

IMG_8311Plate over rice is suggested but I thought of bulgar or couscous , snuck in somewhere along the way and a side of flat bread for a killer wrap. !!

IMG_8312Always looking for new combinations of the traditional “meat and potato”, this is a winner ! Flavor galore !Any beverage suggestions? A deep dark red wine comes to mind.


Lamb and bulgar wheat

Some lamb breast , ribs from the supercenter . Goes good with bulgar wheat, that I order on line, as the supercenter does not stock bags of bulgar wheat , the closest you can get it a small box of couscous etc.

Brown the meat. The ribs were cut to four pieces. 

Salt and pepper and seasonings of your choice…. Yes a bit fatty… Trim if you please…


A cup of bulgar wheat….

Sautée the veggies and add the bulgar wheat to brown slightly and absorb some of the favours.  Coloured peppers and leeks are the main components.  
Nestle the lamb in a pan with the veggies  and bulgar as a base ….. Add vegetable stock..


Cook as you would bulgar , cover simmer etc. serve. The bulgar has the ability to absorb the flavourings and is an alternative to rice , potato, pasta , that is nourishing and filling.


Lamb wraps

Some shredded lamb, sauteed veggies, leeks etc. served with leaf spinach rolled in a wrap.

Just a few pics.

IMG_7926 IMG_7927



1_3_15_1408Crowded at this time of day. Probably should go at a later time. New meat item is lamb ribs.

Ever see a large truck with the air horns mounted behind the cab facing perpendicular (to the sides)! awesome, LOUD



lamb steaks with potato and green beans

Lamb steaks cut from a leg of lamb, garlic and rosemary, broiled, served with side of potato and green beans.


IMG_6004Haven’t posted on the Metroblog in almost a month, have pictures but some writing to do. For now some drafts that were stored to post.


Lamb, onion and garlic

Preheat the skillet under broiler, have good potholders available.

Start some rice cooking.

basic recipe with just salt and pepper seasonings.

IMG_5555Broiled Valdalia onions

IMG_5556Remove and reserve the onions, a boneless leg of lamb sliced into chunks, tossed with olive oil and salt and pepper added to the pan then  back under the broiler.

IMG_5559add some smashed garlic later so the garlic doesn’t over cook. Continue to broil.

IMG_5560Add the onions back into the skillet just before the lamb is done to your preference.

IMG_5558half and steam up some Brussels sprouts.

IMG_5557About a tablespoon of each butter and flour, stir till melted, splash in some milk, heat and stir, add a slice of cheese. Done.

IMG_5561Rice is ready, serve

IMG_5562Plate it up, smoothie of grapes, raspberries,and banana , a touch of wine for liquid to blend.

This recipe can be cooked again and spiced up, I wanted to taste the lamb without many seasonings.


Lamb shoulder chops

Wow I haven’t posted in a while , is it sheer laziness or just uninteresting recipes, who knows, possibly the the summer weather has made cooking less attractive or the fact that I have not documented my cooking as it may be a repeat of previous recipes. That’s until lamb entered the picture

One of my favorite cuts of meat is the lamb shoulder chops. I don’t have these that often so they are a treat. Aside from the more famous lamb chop, the shoulder cut has a more interesting composition and flavor. It is not entirely meat, but some stratified fat included. Excellent for broiling, grilling and stewing in a sauce. Broiling was the way to go.


On the bottom of a broiler pan, actually one from the toaster oven, add some sliced veggies, onions of course and I happen to have some orange sweet peppers. drizzle with olive oil.


Broil them till they are about halfway to your liking.


add the broiler rack and place the shoulder chop on top, you get the idea ! the juices from the chops will drip on the veggies underneath. of course the chop is salted and peppered.

Now place under the flaming broiler….


broil and flip the chop, Mine’s slightly medium rare…. note the caramelizing of the veggies. yes a few are blackened, i don’t mind.


Plate up, fellow WordPress people ! A side of barley with veggies completes this meal. The lamb flavor was very mild in this particular cut, as far as taste, could be close to a beef rib. Very tender, not the least bit tough.


Served with double wide fresh made noodles and tomato, green pepper,and onion sauce.



Bulgar wheat and (left over) lamb

What do do with leftover lamb ?
As an addition to serve with meat, bulgar wheat is an alternative to potatoes, pasta , or rice and is easily cooked.
Sauté garlic in a small amount of oil, olive, butter , vegetable etc in a suitable sized saucepan.

20130405-174829.jpgjust a few seconds to release the fragrance then add he bulgar wheat , 1 cup.

20130405-175010.jpglet the bulgar sauté several minutes till toasty then add the broth, or stock or water about 2 cups.

20130405-175324.jpgbring to a boil and then cover and simmer 20 minutes. Turn off heat, add the cubed cooked lamb recover and let stand about 15 minutes.

20130405-175703.jpgno additional seasonings was used as the flavor of the stock and garlic is sufficient.


Easter 2013

We were hosting Easter dinner this year, using that term loosely, as I am more of a cook than a host. Diane did most of the advance planning such as the menu, and shopping I was tasked with cooking the roast beef and also risotto maker as the kitchen pace picked up, juggling casseroles and dishes around the oven and stove top. My daughter and her friend also arrived early and assisted with the prep.

A popular cut of beef from Dave’s Supermarket , “Spoon Roast”, sirloin

No exotic prep here for the roast, sea salt and tri blend cracked pepper, on a rack over sliced onions, I later added a bit of water to the pan. The temperature gauge facing forward.

A roasted Leg of Lamb

Lamb (brought by our guest) is traditionally served, the roast beef was an alternative if lamb was not preferred.

Risotto, onion and mushroom

spinach strawberry salad

With the addition of the onions, and a mushroom or two in the roasting  pan, and salt and pepper on the roast, I drained the juices from the pan and tasted, no need to add anything, GRAVY !

Ring the dinner bell !

Home cooked goodness, My compliments to all that made it possible.

the desserts, pecan pie, sour cream pound cake, cookies and cupcakes……..

chocolate with whipped cream topping, got to keep the sweet tooths satisfied

popular cake, recipe to be a future posting on the Blog

Mr and Mrs. Easter Bunny


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