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Shopping a new venue, Good Fortune Supermarket

Good Fortune

Pork shoulder

Chicken breast, boneless


Stew meat with lentils and spicy tomato sauce

Made with meat from the previous post. 

Cook an amount of lentils as necessary for a serving.

Reheat meat with tomato sauce and lentils. I made my batch of Sunday tomato sauce spicy with hot red pepper flakes and smoked hot pepper flakes with a small amount of vegetables, when cooked, processed with an immersion blender.

Lentils provide a alternative to pasta or rice.


t bone etc.

fruit and vegetables are easy to prepare and can be served with anything including a T-bone Steak.

keeping the prep simple, simply salting and peppering a steak and serving it on a bed of lettuce, vegetables and a side of grapes.

3 to 5 minutes per side under the broiler.

IMG_3737 IMG_3738 IMG_3739

some of the steak was left over for another meal.

some apricot tarts made by my daughter, simply squares of pie dough sandwiching dried apricots.


Dark Chocolate and pretzels pieces made by my wife





Some cuts of meat are way less expensive than others but just as good.

20130728-105240.jpgjust an addition of salt and pepper.




20130728-105447.jpgcooked liked risotto.


20130728-105615.jpgas good as a beef strip steak.


Easter 2013

We were hosting Easter dinner this year, using that term loosely, as I am more of a cook than a host. Diane did most of the advance planning such as the menu, and shopping I was tasked with cooking the roast beef and also risotto maker as the kitchen pace picked up, juggling casseroles and dishes around the oven and stove top. My daughter and her friend also arrived early and assisted with the prep.

A popular cut of beef from Dave’s Supermarket , “Spoon Roast”, sirloin

No exotic prep here for the roast, sea salt and tri blend cracked pepper, on a rack over sliced onions, I later added a bit of water to the pan. The temperature gauge facing forward.

A roasted Leg of Lamb

Lamb (brought by our guest) is traditionally served, the roast beef was an alternative if lamb was not preferred.

Risotto, onion and mushroom

spinach strawberry salad

With the addition of the onions, and a mushroom or two in the roasting  pan, and salt and pepper on the roast, I drained the juices from the pan and tasted, no need to add anything, GRAVY !

Ring the dinner bell !

Home cooked goodness, My compliments to all that made it possible.

the desserts, pecan pie, sour cream pound cake, cookies and cupcakes……..

chocolate with whipped cream topping, got to keep the sweet tooths satisfied

popular cake, recipe to be a future posting on the Blog

Mr and Mrs. Easter Bunny


Beef Short Ribs

During the winter without the use of the grille outside, a different method of slow cooking ribs was used for a small amount of beef ribs, an electric frying pan.

Place a broiler pan, covered with foil in the fry pan.IMG_3351


add the grateIMG_3352Place the ribs on the rack with the your favorite rubIMG_3353

an oven thermometer will indicate when the proper temp is set.IMG_3355set the fry pan thermostat so that the air temp inside the frypan is around 225 to 275 degrees with the cover on.IMG_3356cover and let the ribs cook till the meat pulls back from the bone.IMG_3354IMG_3359add your favorite BBQ sauce and wrap the ribs in aluminum foilIMG_3362continue cooking the wrapped ribs in the fry pan maybe about 30 -45 minutes more, or as long as you can wait !

unwrap and serveIMG_3364IMG_3365awith a home brew!



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