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beef soup with noodle squares

a few pictures

a hearty beefy soup, wit the addition of a thickening agent, a stew

a beef soup/stew for the instant pot

prep the following:

egg noodle semolina recipe, roll out and cut into good size noodle squares, set aside

prep veggies, onion, carrot celery, a pinch of oregano, paprika, parsley and thyme, a bit of tomato paste and a few garlic cloves minced

leaf a few brussell sprouts, slice mushrooms

slice and cube beef season with salt, pepper and marinate if possible

set instant pot to saute, high and let come to temp

with a bit of oil, brown beef, remove from pot

add to pot onion, celery and carrot mixture with your seasonings

cook till wilted and soft

add sprout leaves, mushrooms and tomato paste to pot

mix and cook several minutes

return beef to pot, with broth top to fill line of pot.

cover, reset and set to stew soup setting about 15 minutes low pressure

at end of cycle release pressure , remove cover, reset to saute high, add noddle squares when the pot begins to boil

cook the noodle squares till tender, reset and set to keep warm setting

add more broth if necessary.

serve with crusty bread









canoodling around

Oh  !  More dough, this time the noodle. Once you get hang of making dough for noodles, it’s hard to let go, back to the dried variety, that is if your not cooking for a crowd.

A beef soup base was the groundwork for the noodle. Simple dry  noodles won’t suffice.

Again I wont bore you with the recipe, this could go in a stew direction also  just thicken up the broth, yep add sour cream and milk or straight cream for a goulash finish.

I keep it as a broth , a bit lighter.

Since a small amount of noodle just grabbed the rolling pin. Dinner for two.


start with the basics


ok it’s the instant pot again, the searing setting give automatic temperature control


plate the meat when done


wilt up the veggies


add some stock


add back the meat


add some hot water supplied by the kuerig, seal up the reactor vessel and give it high pressure for a couple of minutes, this does the carrot effortlessly. Get on the with noodle.


over to the processor with the semolina and a yolk and i bit of water and a dribble of oil is also good.


Bzzzzzzzzzzz..Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz,, done


give the dough a break


let dry a bit after rolling


you can use a pizza cutter, nice and steady !


ready for the boiling water bath !


won’t take more than a couple of minutes


Flotation achieved, done


A big drainy scooper


plate up the noodle, top with the beef mixture, I think it only took a few minutes under pressure for the broth mixture, parsley, back to the computer…hmmm..    where the bread. OH we have the noodle no need for bread.  HA ! maybe bread and butter for dessert !


BiangBiang noodles with beef and green onion

Here is a another meal kit, this one from the Chinese market.

A spicy hot soup with noodles, I added some shaved beef and green onion.

Prepared only half of the package.

The sauces are packaged separetly so it’s possible to make half portion of the contents.

Ingredient contents and cooking instruction.

I have some beef chuck available, slightly frozen, sliced to very thin strips, enough for a bowl of soup.

The sliced beef.

Add the contents of the packages to a bowl.

Add the beef and green onions…. Ginger for good luck.!

As per instructions, add the boiling water.

As the soup steeps, prepare the noodles, very wide for  an oriental soup.

With a slotted spoon, or strainer , add the noodles to the soup bowl.

Very rich soup, not super hot but plenty of spice and depth of flavour. There is a taste similar to a concentrated tomato flavour , but no tomato in the ingredients. The sauce packets could be re-purposed to a marinade for a bbq!.

A very rich enjoyable soup.


soup’s ON !


 Recently made soup from chicken carcass.

fresh made noodles, Garden grown Red Russian Kale, Tat Soi Asian Greens, and Te You Flowering Broccoli

IMG_9210IMG_9204 IMG_9209


Spicy meatballs with noodles

From 12/13/14….

In a recipe like this the measurements are not exact but…..

to ground meat, add about 1/8 teaspoon of:
Ground cloves
Ground allspice
Ground cinnamon
Dried ginger
Red pepper flakes
Minced yellow onion
Ground cumin
Granulated garlic
Bread crumbs
Ground spent grain
One egg

form into meatballs, fry, broil, bake whatever.


Into the drippings, add onion….  IMG_6718




shredded carrot….





add broth etc,  __________,____________,_________IMG_6721


reduce , stir , thicken……..IMG_6722

make noodles…..

IMG_6723 IMG_6724

finish sauce……cream, sour cream, milk , yogurt etc.


boil noodles…..



Plate ……IMG_6727

Add sauce,( I suppose you could add the meatballs to the sauce in the pan and heat through…….)

IMG_6728Yep, a bit of a change up from the traditional tomato based sauce.  Do you have a tolerance for spicy foods ?


noodles, again

again, making noodles, this recipe came out close to perfect, smooth and shiny noodles cut wide, for turkey soup.
I kneaded this recipe and let the dough sit an hour, fantastic.
2/3 cup flour,
drop into it 1 egg
barely combined with 1 tablespoon water,
1/2 teaspoon of salt
and a teaspoon of oil.
mix with hands till it comes together and knead for about 10 minutes, yes a lot of work for tired hands but worth it.

cover and let it stand for about an hour.

Roll with pasta machine.
hang and let dry out 30 minutes.
dust the lengths of dough and fold loosely on the lengths, cut into desired widths.
cook and serve or add to soup.

IMG_4349IMG_4352 IMG_4351 IMG_4350

time for a break….


IMG_4357 IMG_4358rolled out and drying…..

IMG_4359 IMG_4361

IMG_4360pictures of the soup are missing. but it was damn good !

OH here is a picture of the soup, less the noodles….



Noodles and veggies

Cruising some of the food blogs, email newsletters and tweets gives some some direction as to what to cook. A simple recipe of pasta noodles, with ground pepper, grated cheese and parsley would be doable and bloggable. But with the availability of brocolli and grated Romano the recipe was soon modified.
A meal for one serving of pasta doesn’t really take too much time to whip up some fresh noodles.

20130721-184509.jpgEnter the pasta roller, A simple mix of an egg and flour with a touch of oil and water produces the dough, with a tad of salt, let it rest briefly while the other ingredients are prepped.


20130721-184659.jpg</a , ingredients prepped.

20130721-184829.jpgRoll it…..

20130721-184925.jpgon to the noodle attachment and into the boiling water.

20130721-185026.jpg a 2 or 3 on the thickness setting gives a semi thick chewy noodle.

20130721-185202.jpgdress’em up.

20130721-185316.jpgadd the toppings, and toss with olive oil, but I could resist this time to coat with melted butter. Aha !

20130721-185521.jpgnow toss and serve!!

20130721-185552.jpgWhite or Red ????


Spent grain noodles with chicken cutlet, broccoli , onions and corn.

I didn’t measure any of the ingredients. One egg was used for the pasta.
A standard noodle recipe with some light spent grains added. The dough was a bit soft and easy to roll out, refrigerated dough for about 15 minutes before rolling and cutting.
Roll out and cut the noodles into desired width, boil, drain and plate.
In a fry pan, stir fry chopped broccoli, diced onion, sliced chicken cutlet* and corn. Serve over the bed of noodles with Prime Stout beer

*Sliced chicken cutlet was prepared earlier, several chicken breasts were pounded into a thin cutlet, flour, crumbed, and pan fried. Kept refrigerated for a variety of meals.




tomato, beef and red peppers, over noodles

Instead of stir fry, this meal cooks easy under a broiler

you could substitute rice or rice noodles.

preheat broiler

  • lay strips of marinated beef strips on a small broiler pan lined with aluminum foil.
  • Top with with fresh sliced tomatoes wedges, diced or sliced red bell pepper and mushrooms.
  • Place under broiler close to the heat as possible.
  • Roll out previously mixed refrigerated noodle dough, through a pasta machine, then the noodle attachment  and boil noodles while beef cooks
  • Rotate broiler pan as necessary.
  • Plate up the noodles, top with a few herbs, parsley, etc and top with the cooked beef mixture, of course with any juices. The marinade and herbs accounts for the seasonings, omit any salt and pepper.
  • Let the plate set a few minutes to blend the flavors while you do a small clean up.

The marinade I used was a bottled preparation from Trader Joes. I had tasted this before, checked the ingredients and found out it closely resembles a fresh oriental marinade that I usually make from scratch.

If you don’t mind making pasta dough and having the beef prepared and marinated beforehand, this meal is relatively fast to make.



Soy Sauce,sugar,crushed garlic,sesame seeds,soybean oil,ginger puree,white vinegar,soy powder,sesame oil,garlic granules,minced onion,onion powder,ginger powder.



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