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beef soup with noodle squares

a few pictures

a hearty beefy soup, wit the addition of a thickening agent, a stew

a beef soup/stew for the instant pot

prep the following:

egg noodle semolina recipe, roll out and cut into good size noodle squares, set aside

prep veggies, onion, carrot celery, a pinch of oregano, paprika, parsley and thyme, a bit of tomato paste and a few garlic cloves minced

leaf a few brussell sprouts, slice mushrooms

slice and cube beef season with salt, pepper and marinate if possible

set instant pot to saute, high and let come to temp

with a bit of oil, brown beef, remove from pot

add to pot onion, celery and carrot mixture with your seasonings

cook till wilted and soft

add sprout leaves, mushrooms and tomato paste to pot

mix and cook several minutes

return beef to pot, with broth top to fill line of pot.

cover, reset and set to stew soup setting about 15 minutes low pressure

at end of cycle release pressure , remove cover, reset to saute high, add noddle squares when the pot begins to boil

cook the noodle squares till tender, reset and set to keep warm setting

add more broth if necessary.

serve with crusty bread









broiled tomato with couscous

Fresh tomatoes from the yard have been a staple here this summer and  fall , I’ll try to preserve some for the winter but will miss them.

Basically short on pictures here but you get the idea, a simple meal in a sense you have pasta and sauce deconstructed . I seasoned towards Italian, oregano, parsley, dried hot pepper flakes and thyme etc. 2 variety of tomatoes. Smashed garlic and sliced onions a bit of salt and pepper blend.

Crank up the broiler, get the cast iron, you’ll want to blacken the tomato mixture with a bit of a char..   toss once or twice….


couscous, easy and fast to cook, plate some up


Some shredded packaged cheese Italian blend, quickly while the plate is still hot.


were done…. Enjoy Octoberfest…….cheers




that looks good !



Braised boneless pork ribs with barley and mung beans

A tasty meal, brown the pork ribs throughly in oil, add sliced white onion, grated turmeric root, several small fresh  tomato and ground pepper(s) a pinch of curry  spices. Also added some oregano, and thyme.

When everything is fragrant, and the onion wilted, add hot stock to the pan, simmer covered. Add additional hot stock during the process if necessary. Just before the pork is tender, again,  bring up the level of the liquid, add the barley and mung bean (a dried packaged mix), cover simmer 10 minutes, move from the flame, keep covered for about 10 more minutes. Serve. The barley tender, the mung bean firm.

What was left in the pan after serving………


Roasted bell pepper salad

A bit of a twist from a pasta / bacon salad , inspired from a recipe found on the internet made with available ingredients.


Instead of oven roasting the peppers, I opted to flame char the peppers on the burner


The peppers were then, sliced thin.


Using a vegetable peeler, slice the yellow squash, and chop into fine noodle like pieces if you don’t have a spiralizer.


dressing, 3 tbls olive oil 1 tbls seasoning (oregano) 2 tbls rice vinegar lemon juice salt and pepper


dress and toss, shaved Parmesan and bacon bits added

A change from the usual salad.



Haven’t blogged in a while !  Catch up time! A lot of pictures and now  on to blogging them, some meals of usual and some unusual. Just have to reassemble the pictures with the recipes if possible !The typical pizza recipe here. Utilizing the King Arthur semolina flour. Mid November meal.


The semolina provides lightness and flavor to the dough, a background of corn meal light flavor is what it reminds me of. Thin crust shells here , haven’t done deep dish in a while.



Eggplant calzoné

Sliced, salted and drained eggplant , with a simple tomato sauce with oregano and garlic. Add some mozzarella and a sprinkling of parmesean. Wrapped in the tipoOO flour based dough. 

The eggplant  was fried in olive oil, till browned slightly.


Sorry didn’t get any pictures of filling when done, too delicious, they disappeared !!

But wait! Extra dough left over for supper the next night……

Chicken three cheese pizza, 1/2 chicken , 1/2 sauce and cheese. Parm, mozzarella,Romano.


Pasta and (chicken) meatballs

A bit of a change up, white chicken processed in the food processor, like chuck beef that I process for hamburger, with additions of garlic,onions, salt and pepper, and breadcrumbs that yield chicken meat balls. OK , I wanted the pasta too, semolina flour , egg and water, this proven mix makes the spaghetti type pasta that actually works in the pasta machine. Just let sit still 2o or so minutes and a soft pliable dough forms.( yep a real dough head here)!

Defrosted red sauce from a previously batch used for pizza. On the spicy side.

The other portions of pasta were bagged and frozen for future use.

Another day the chicken balls on pizza….. W/ goat cheese…

The soft Italian flour becomes my weakness…………..


Dough dreams

Using the soft Italian flour. A bit less than 4 hours from mix to plate. Now measuring by weight both the flour and water, giving consistent results when using the soft Italian flour.

My ratio is 1 lb flour, to 9.6 ozs water. Salt to taste, yeast about 1/2 a full measure. ( a King Arthur yeast measuring spoon was gifted to me.)

In about a 500 degree Fahrenheit oven the dough increases in size and gives the classic bubbles in the crust. Slid onto a sheet pan in the oven. Corn meal to aid in sliding.

Plain by standards, tomato, garlic, oregano with olive oil .added grated Parmesan  after baking. Could have peeled the tomatoes, boiling water and then ice bath but I didn’t mind. Basic crust flavor not over whelmed by toppings.

Second run, same ingredients, with the addition course sea salt, course ground pepper blend. Parmesan after baking.

Yes ! Just the right balance of salt and spice from the pepper.
The remainder of the dough a herb salt and pepper blend baton shaped loaf.


Ahhh, looks like I need some Italian cold cuts and cheese !


Herbed butter

My herbs are going wild, the cool weather and in the kratky system , spent one night in from the cold , now with the return of mild (relatively speaking) weather they are back out doors. The basil and the chives grow just as fast as we use them. Oregano in the DWC bubbler system gets harvested from time to time.

Just chop , mix with butter , and leave available for use. 

Made this before with garlic, left the garlic out this time. 

A good spread on toast , would be even better on garlic bread, or added to sautéed food.


meatballs and tomato sauce

I’m never consistent with this recipe, whatever is around goes into the meatballs and sauce . One thing I did accomplish that I rarely do is the meat combination of the meat balls. Previously purchased, ground veal, a piece of beef and pork, I ground up the beef and pork and mixed it into the veal , each at one pound increments.  After combining the three, into three baggies they went, into the freezer for later use.

When I finally got around to making this dish , the thawed meat mix was available, a mixture of  onion, garlic, leftover garlic bagel chips, TVP (Bobs Redmill Textured Vegetable Protein (Soy)) ground in a food processor, a tablespoon of Stout dried spent grains, and an egg was added. No measurements were taken except for the dark spent grain which can easily overpower a recipe. The meat balls were mixed and formed , the consistency adequate, placed in a fry pan with a bit if olive oil and baked in a 400 degree start and lowered to 325, to brown the meatballs , every 20 minute or so roll them to brown a good portion of the surface.


When meatballs are browned, remove the skillet from the oven and carefully pour in the tomato sauce that’s simmering at this point to deglaze the skillet and return everything back to the stockpot the sauce came from, scrapping the skillet if needed.


That’s just the contents of  meatballs, for the sauce I’ve given up over the years of making a standard tomato sauce. A good portion of shredded carrot, onion and celery are started with a sauté in olive oil before  the cans of tomato sauce and tomato paste are added. Don’t forget a good portion of garlic since tomato sauce is supposed to be a tribute to an Italian meal.  Dried herbs are added usually oregano and others , dried this time of year since I’ve failed to keep the potted herbs going that were outside last summer. A good dose of hot pepper flakes to give the sauce some spiciness are added , good if used for pizza later on. Also fortunately that I have some melomel on hand (home made mead), that goes in in place of wine and also use any stock (other than fish) to thin the sauce as it bubbles away.

IMG_7672I’m sure you have your own concoction for sauce, here I let mine simmer and ran one of those stick type food processors through it to blend in all the veggies so it’s more a tomato vegetable sauce. More tasty cuz you know what’s in it !

Testing the sauce traditionally calls for dipping a hunk of torn bread into the pot for taste test and final re-adjustment. Since the meatballs and the sauce were going to be containerized for later use, I just made a small meatball and bread serving to satisfy my hunger.

IMG_7675Meal completed, I find that the sauce is just right , a bit spicy but this mellows over time and the meatballs are light, not heavy.

Bon appetit ….




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