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tIME FOR PIE (and bread)

A can of peaches sits on the shelve, some pie crust dough is in the fridge, 2/3 left over from a holiday recipe. Can’t think of the last time I used a canned filling but a family member brought it home with other food from a community food bank. Once I put the peaches in the pie shell, it needed more  filling of some type. Several apples were sliced and added with a light grating of ginger and turmeric root. The sweetness of the canned peaches was enough without adding more sweetness. A simple lattice top completes the bake.


here are the sliced apples atop the canned pie filling.


the rolling and cutting of the lattice structure


the lattice has been applied to the pie




will go about 35 minutes, probably less

Not often I use a product with genetic engineering and fructose but I guess genetic engineers need something to do if they went to school for it.


SHIELDS UP ! I had to deploy the pie shield as the outer shell casing became too dark.


the bubbling pie emerges


the oozing bubbling filling


cool down cycle


Not a bad tasting pie , the apples off set the canned peach taste accented with the ground ginger and turmeric. Goes well with coffee.


Of course I had some dough fermenting, a bit interesting with this mix, some leftover cooked potatoes  were chopped and squished incorporated into the dough with the wire whisk on the mixer. The topping was a concoction of thyme zatar on one loaf and seed blend on the other. Mixed with a bit of water, butter and flour each of the coatings was brushed on each loaf before baking.



The bread was very moist, all of the potato was incorporated into the dough. Some of the filling from the pie previously baked had dripped onto the oven floor …. I SHOULD HAVE USED TIN FOIL UNDER THE PIE. Any ways the bread was very good, my good weakness !


Beef Shank with potato and carrot

Close to a beef stew recipe, in the colder months, a meal slow oven roasted for warmth and aroma. This time a simple seasoned recipe of salt and pepper. The pictures tell the story.


Potato Curry

Most curry dishes, you think with meat often chicken, but this one uses the lowly potato.

Time to get spicy hot !

Getting the rhythm of the curry cooking, while I watch some periscopes of persons in India cooking, it becomes a secondhand nature.

Don’t mind the ingredients, keep it simple, (until the spices !)

Parboiled some potatoes and shallot. Drain. with smaller potato you could probably skip this step.

Prepare the spice palate. Tomato in place of tomato paste.

I prepared some ghee.

Wok fry the potato and shallots slightly browned in the gee, remove from pan.

add the spices and toast very quickly in  a bit of ghee. Alternatively you can sputter whole spices, even better with a curry leaf.


add the tomato

cook till the oil separates for the mix.Add back the potato and shallots

cook till desired thickness

good alone or as a side dish.

I’ve made slight variations of this recipe,

  • sputter or cook the spices in ghee
  • add onion , ginger etc.
  • add tomato paste, stock
  • add main ingredients, potato, meat, vegetables
  • simmer
  • serve

other notes

use grated fresh turmeric

curry leaves

grated fresh ginger

dried or fresh chopped hot peppers

whole preferred or dried spices and seeds





Beef Barley Tomato Soup

Similar to the recipe on the box of Quick Cooking Barley, but made with a soup base my daughter made.The  soup base consists of :

Celery, leeks, onion, garlic, parsley, tomato, potatoes, that had been cooked for 1 and one half hours, processed in a blender and strained. It’s a healthy food recipe called Special Soup or Hippocrates Soup,  it’s a good tasting nourishing soup alone or as utilized as a base for other recipes.

To the soup base, add the following, when completed cooking :

  • Beef chuck , diced to small size suitable for soup.
  •  Olive oil, bacon fat etc. in the pan. Fry the beef, till almost fully cooked.
  • Diced onion, roughly 1/2 as much as the beef.
  • Salt, pepper and seasonings to taste.
  • One or two medium tomatoes, diced chunky.
  • Finish with finely chopped garlic, cook till the ingredients are wilted.

Meanwhile in a oven proof measuring cup, mix a measured amount of quick cooking barley and water as package directs.

Microwave several minutes, drain, and add to soup.

 I needed some greens in the soup for color , my wife suggested some baby spinach . The spinach was added and then seasonings adjusted and grated Parmesan  added for the finish. Everything was warmed through.

(this soup base would also make a good pasta and beans recipe)



A very tasty and nourishing soup a recipe worth repeating.


Potato and egg

A bit of a light breakfast, some fried diced  potato with onion and garlic seasoned with fennel seed, caraway seed, celery seed and coriander seed. Salt, pepper blend ,and hot pepper flakes. Not shown, orange for fruit


Lamb shoulder chop

Easy preparation for a lamb shoulder chop. 

Fry up the chop over high heat in a thick skillet preferably in bacon fat. 

Add some chopped white onion. 

Serve the chop over greens with a baked potato side, microwave a single potatoe about 8 minutes, remove from microwave, wrap in foil and let stand several minutes.

One of the advantages of growing you own greens is that you can plan and harvest a portion of the planting, (either soil or hydro based) leaving some behind and not worry about storage and refrigeration, the rest of the plant is actively growing. 

Harvested greens

The meal plated up.


potato casserole

A recipe from the middle of July, before the hot weather. Similar to a mac and cheese comfort meal.

IMG_8411Prep : peel and slice potato, turnip, onion, garlic. Melt butter.

IMG_8412Assembly: layer potato, turnip, onion and garlic. With a strainer, sift  flour for a dusting , season with salt and pepper. Drizzle melted butter. Repeat as necessary.

IMG_8413Cheese addition is grated mozzarella, also some frozen spinach remnants from the freezer.

Now slowly pour milk (or any combo of milk, heavy cream, 1/2 & 1/2) to just about fill the casserole, leaving room  for the liquid to bubble up when  cooking.

Bake (or microwave) till bubbly.

Can be just the top layer. Bread crumbs or croutons are also a good addition for the top, if microwaving, broil to brown top.

IMG_8414served up..

Again, potato is the main ingredient, what ever else you have can be added. Bacon , sausage ? Tomato ? Leafy greens? Brassicias ?  Legumes? ground beef, pork or lamb ?


lamb steaks with potato and green beans

Lamb steaks cut from a leg of lamb, garlic and rosemary, broiled, served with side of potato and green beans.


IMG_6004Haven’t posted on the Metroblog in almost a month, have pictures but some writing to do. For now some drafts that were stored to post.


Boar Osso Buco

Time for another recipe of Osso Buco, very similar to a previous post, osso-buco-or-baked-marrow-bones/.

Boar shanks from PV Farmstand, purchased at the Wintertime Farmers Market.

Ready, a few simple ingredients that are slow cooked.


Find a covered oven proof pot that will nestle the shanks.


Prepare a mix for breading the shanks, here a combination of flour seasonings and breadcrumbs.


A good sized heavy pan for browning the shanks, a combination of olive oil butter in the pan and plain olive oil ready.


Coat the shanks with olive oil……


Now dredge in the seasoned breadcrumb and flour mixture……….

Coat liberally with the mix…..

Gently fry the shanks till golden brown…..




Turn on the sides to brown and seal exterior surfaces….



when browned, return to the cooking vessel….


add chopped onion to the oil in the browning pan……


Add the sauteed onions to the pot with the shanks…..


Add chopped tomatoes and some tomato juiced (canned is OK) to a sauce pot….


Heat and add wine…..


Add the sauce to the pot…..


Add enough liquid to go about 2/3 of the depth of the cooking pot….


Fresh aromatics dot the surface…..


A layer of parchment paper atop……Cover and Bake low and slow about 325 degrees at least an hour and a half.


Later…… DONE…..



Now the next day, (once cooked, cool and refrigerate at least a day beforehand, it’s worth the scheduling beforehand, once cooked will keep well in fridge), diced veggies and saute….


Bake some small  potatoes, fry or broil them slightly to crisp up the skins…. reheat the shanks with the congealed gravy……


Plate it up ! On shank per serving…..


Serve with a homebrew ! Definitely not a boaring meal !


Later on ,serving variation #2, with rice and broccoli and carrots…

Again, one of my favorite cuts of meat….


My compliments to the chef, your not the only one who sucks the marrow from the bones ……  !!!




remainder of pork loin chop, some was used and sliced thin for a pizza.
White onion, sliced about 1/4 inch thick rings
Garlic, course chopped
Broccoli rapa leaves, similarly to rapini
Washed and scrubbed potatoes,unpeeled

In a cast iron skillet, with your choice of oil(s) brown the pork seasoned with salt and pepper.
Add the broccoli leaves
Sauté In stages and add, potato, onions, garlic and more oil if necessary with a bit of water drizzled in.
Season as preferred, a slight bit of smoked hot pepper flakes for me.

When it is almost done to your preference, drop an egg on the potato mixture.

Cover. And cook till the eggs is done to your preference. Typically cooked white with running yolk.

20121209-122307.jpgPlate up the chop the the potato mixture with the egg. Coffee on the side. Mexican, medium ground , french pressed.
The grated parm (original part of the mis en place) was replaced with giblet gravy that was frozen from a previous meal, a small amount thawed in the microwave and added to the dish.

20121209-122534.jpgThe pork is a good substitute to the ham n’ egger or bacon and egg tradition ,with the additional greens added. Add some fruit alongside, the fruit I have is frozen at this time and defrosting.


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