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Mixed vegetables

imageWhen the local farmers market , backyard garden, or store purchases gives you fresh veggies, there’s only limited time to use them.

Usually, I avoid  refrigeration if possible. Processing can take several forms, one being roasting. Here is a combo of rainbow carrots, peppers , onions, hot peppers, white onion Garlic, etc. salt and pepper, season to taste.

lightly drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle from time to time with chicken stock while roasting at low  heat.

cool, refrigerate and serve as a side dish or any other use.





Orange Ginger Glazed Turkey with Cornbread Stuffing

Hopefully, this will tie together recently posted recipes.

Orange Marmalade

Orange  Ginger Glaze

Corn Bread Stuffing

I complicated the recipe by making Orange Marmalade required for the glaze and making cornbread for the stuffing versus prepared cornbread cubes and buying orange marmalade.

Basically stuff the bird with the cornbread stuffing. the recipe calls for about 5 hours of cooking stepping the temperature. The instructions with the turkey discourages against stuffing the turkey. WTF !


Usually I get up at the crack of dawn to get the bird from the fridge so it’s close to room temp before cooking along with the stuffing.

Roasting pan and rack are ready also.

IMG_4227pop up indicators should not be relied on as they can stick and not pop up.

Rinse out the turkey and pat dry.


The giblets and the neck were removed previously of course.

the recipe calls for the juice of one orange in the main cavity of the bird with liberal salting and peppering.


Carefully stuff the neck cavity first, the neck is actually the back of the bird when roasting in a conventional orientation.


The flap of neck skin is pulled up and secured with a small metal skewers.

The turkey is propped up in the sink to ease stuffing the cavity.

Go lightly with the stuffing don’t jam it in tightly.


the rear cavity, actually the front now get stuffed in the same manner.

The flap of skin is secured with a skewer and the legs brought together and secured by driving a skewer through them.


Complete with the butter massage and salt and pepper.

IMG_4234insert the temp gauge.


covered with foil and in to 325 oven

use 2 cups of giblet broth* in the roaster pan
cover loosely with foil and roast for 1 and 1/2 hours.
remove the foil and roast 2 and 1/2 hours basting every 30 minutes.
now raise the temp to 350 from initial 325 degrees and roast fro an hour. during the last 15 minutes brush on the Orange ginger glaze.
go for just about 160 , less as the turkey will continue to cook when removed from the oven. At least 20 minute rest.


A break in the action , the place setting favors are being prepared.IMG_4239

Temp gauge indicating close to done.



What I have done in the past to clear the oven for side dishes to be cooked is to get the turkey done ahead of time , wrap in foil and a towel and place it in a cooler to rest. You never know when inviting guests how the timing will go and it gives the guest time to mingle before calling them to the table. The turkey stays piping hot for a reasonable amount of time. Here I lapped seamed some lengths of foil together to make one large foil  sheet to enclose the bird.IMG_4246

The glaze with honey gives the bird a crisp texture.IMG_4248

Encapsulating the turkey, an old towel serves as additional insulation an when brought together forms a sling to place in and remove  from the turkey from the cooler.IMG_4260

The final presentation with side dishes.

With and electric knife, the turkey can be cut to order.

Were not done yet !

use about 28 ounces of broth (either what you have available or prepared chicken broth) 2 cups water,celery ribs, 2 onions and some parsley sprigs with the giblets and neck. Simmer for at least and hour while the bird is cooking or retrieve the giblets and neck from the cavity of the bird before hand and prepare ahead of time. cool and strain reserve the giblets, chop fine and shred the neck meat, you can use a food processor or finely chop. refrigerate till needed.

Now for the gravy: from reserved pan juices,add two cups back  to the pan and de-glaze.
In a separate pan melt butter and whisk in flour about 2 tablespoons each. cook till brown slightly.
Add the pan juices and bring to a boil to thicken and add 1/2 cup orange ginger glaze.
add thyme,salt and pepper to taste and reserved giblet and neck meat. simmer and thicken and/or thin as required.



Various recent recipes

There hasn’t  been any recent recipes that have been cooked that would really need to be blogged individually.  So these are a few that I’ve taken pictures of.  Just basic recipes cooked before.


Pancakes, with the addition of some spent grain.


September 21



 1/2 Chicken Roasted

Diced onion, garlic, with fresh sage, and other herbs tucked under the skin, baked in oven. Salt and pepper with olive oil, coarsely chopped onions in bottom of pan.

20130929-143503.jpgSeptember 24th



Pizza with beef, onions, cheese, and herbs

September 28th



Brussell Sprout Wraps

Cook diced brussell sprouts several minutes in water. Wrap in flour tortillas with Parmesan and cheddar cheese.  Bake or toast wraps if desired.

(no photos taken)


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