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Boar Osso Buco

Time for another recipe of Osso Buco, very similar to a previous post, osso-buco-or-baked-marrow-bones/.

Boar shanks from PV Farmstand, purchased at the Wintertime Farmers Market.

Ready, a few simple ingredients that are slow cooked.


Find a covered oven proof pot that will nestle the shanks.


Prepare a mix for breading the shanks, here a combination of flour seasonings and breadcrumbs.


A good sized heavy pan for browning the shanks, a combination of olive oil butter in the pan and plain olive oil ready.


Coat the shanks with olive oil……


Now dredge in the seasoned breadcrumb and flour mixture……….

Coat liberally with the mix…..

Gently fry the shanks till golden brown…..




Turn on the sides to brown and seal exterior surfaces….



when browned, return to the cooking vessel….


add chopped onion to the oil in the browning pan……


Add the sauteed onions to the pot with the shanks…..


Add chopped tomatoes and some tomato juiced (canned is OK) to a sauce pot….


Heat and add wine…..


Add the sauce to the pot…..


Add enough liquid to go about 2/3 of the depth of the cooking pot….


Fresh aromatics dot the surface…..


A layer of parchment paper atop……Cover and Bake low and slow about 325 degrees at least an hour and a half.


Later…… DONE…..



Now the next day, (once cooked, cool and refrigerate at least a day beforehand, it’s worth the scheduling beforehand, once cooked will keep well in fridge), diced veggies and saute….


Bake some small  potatoes, fry or broil them slightly to crisp up the skins…. reheat the shanks with the congealed gravy……


Plate it up ! On shank per serving…..


Serve with a homebrew ! Definitely not a boaring meal !


Later on ,serving variation #2, with rice and broccoli and carrots…

Again, one of my favorite cuts of meat….


My compliments to the chef, your not the only one who sucks the marrow from the bones ……  !!!



Potatoes with onions and sage

This morning browsing the web with a cup of coffee, now time for some chow.

Lately, I have been cooking with an electric skillet, a basic one that we’ve had for years.

A recipe free dish I cooked this afternoon.

a one pan (skillet) side dish , or entree depending on your appetite.

Fry some sliced potato (2medium) slices in oil or butter of choice

Flip to brown on both sides

Add sliced onions

Sauté several minutes
Add some stock and a touch of soy sauce.

Add a slight amount of Garlic infused olive oil.

Mix up about 3/4 cup , or by eye, milk and tablespoon flour.
Add to the simmering fry pan, till bubbly and thickened.

Reduce heat to warm, till the mixture in heated through.

Garnish with fresh ( if possible) sage .IMG_3504

Served  with a cup of coffee.


so what else goes on a typical Sunday morning?

IMG_3493make some simple syrup.








IMG_3494proof yeast for bread.

This recipe I kneaded by hand for more than 5 minutes.







IMG_3496placed in covered crock to rise








IMG_3506into the oven covered to bake.










updating desktop machine.

probably too many computers

make ………………..?


BTW XP is still supported.




have to do some real physical labor to offset sedentary life style to

verify my home ownership and social status to the naysayers.

do to a generous friend , an Ipad and Macbook made this posting possible, learning curve for the Apple system. I am thankful.



Various recent recipes

There hasn’t  been any recent recipes that have been cooked that would really need to be blogged individually.  So these are a few that I’ve taken pictures of.  Just basic recipes cooked before.


Pancakes, with the addition of some spent grain.


September 21



 1/2 Chicken Roasted

Diced onion, garlic, with fresh sage, and other herbs tucked under the skin, baked in oven. Salt and pepper with olive oil, coarsely chopped onions in bottom of pan.

20130929-143503.jpgSeptember 24th



Pizza with beef, onions, cheese, and herbs

September 28th



Brussell Sprout Wraps

Cook diced brussell sprouts several minutes in water. Wrap in flour tortillas with Parmesan and cheddar cheese.  Bake or toast wraps if desired.

(no photos taken)


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thank you !


Pizza Bread

One of the bloggable recipes to post from some time back when it was cooler. Similar to a calzone, the idea for the pizza bread was from cinnamon bread only with tomato paste.
Basically make your fav bread dough recipe for pizza, this time I incorporated herbs into the dough as a base for the bread, namely, basil and sage that I have fresh off the plant. Roll out or press the dough like your making pizza only sized for a bread pan, when rolled.
Coat the dough with tomato paste and grated cheese and additional herbs if necessary. I didn’t want to over do this beta test of this idea.

20130721-182159.jpgtomato paste and grated Romano.
Roll the dough to fit into a loaf pan.

20130721-182306.jpgbake as usual , cool and slice.

20130721-182418.jpgcould use more fillings , like pepperoni and mozzarella, but if it loaded up it would just be a calzone. If to want a slice of pizza, just cut a piece from the loaf, even better toasted! Drizzle with the ol’ olive oil. Serve up with (home) brew.



Bread Dough focaccia

Tired of the regular ingredients on pizza? Fresh basil and sage is available and a quick bread needed.
white onion and garlic to taste along with some sage and basil added to a food chopper, process.
Microwave with some butter a minute or two. Or sauté (if not in a hurry)!
Add to a small batch of bread dough.
Knead and add flour till smooth.
Utilizing corn meal, on a cutting board or equivalent , form into two flatbreads big enough to fit on a cast iron griddle that has been placed in a oven , heated to 500 degrees. Brush the flatbreads with olive oil and top with sea salt and blended cracked pepper if desired.
Slide onto the griddle and bake 10 to 13 minutes, till golden or well done to your preference.
Serve with olive oil to dip.
Goes well with a fruity wine.






Chicken and mushrooms

An easy meal, just add a side of veggies and mashed potatoes.
Most chicken breast you buy today are very thick. Actually it would be better with chicken thighs, but breast is all I have available.
Instead of pounding the breast thin and making a racket , fillet them with a sharp knife.

20130422-182957.jpgHeat a skillet with a bit of oil, but first dredge the chicken in a seasoned flour, usually salt and pepper added to the flour.


20130422-183236.jpgAt a medium high heat, brown the fillets,


20130422-183452.jpgwhile the chicken browns, add some chicken stock to a sauce pan over low heat.

20130422-183559.jpgas the breast fillets are browned , add them to the sauce pan.

20130422-183644.jpgnow that all the chicken has been browned, dice a slice of onion (yes, just one slice at this time) and a clove of garlic, as you would guess, sauté them in the frypan with the chicken drippings till fragrant.

20130422-184045.jpgdeglaze the pan with wine of choice after you sample it.



20130422-184224.jpgtoss in some button mushrooms.

20130422-184308.jpgstir them a bit in the fry pan then add to the sauce pan, a bit of sage is all I’m using for herbs added to the sauce pan also.

20130422-184653.jpgover low heat, simmer no more than 10 minutes, let stand a while.

20130422-185121.jpg Plate up with some sides.


Looking forward to spring

One of the gifts I received for Christmas was a Chia herb garden. So far I have had good results with it. I was skeptical at first, the instructions called for the seeds to be spread on the surface of the growing medium with out cover, other than a Baggie to give them a greenhouse effect, but they sprouted and rooted. Time now to transfer to a larger pot. The sage was wintered over indoors and really grew well, with the oregano that was outdoors last year. The oregano did not do so well. Deciding on what other seeds to start for the garden.










Grilled chicken with bulgar wheat and gravy (sauce)

After a thunder storm that brought cooler weather it was a time to start the grille.

Salt and pepper several chicken thighs, mine happen to be boneless and skinless, none the less, coat them in olive oil. Add some vegetable stock to a skillet and boil and simmer to reduce, thicken with a flour and butter mixture  to your liking and season with salt and pepper and fresh cut sage. A splash of hot sauce added is what I like.

Prepare some  bulgar wheat, 1 cup wheat to about 3 cups of stock, sauté the bulgar with olive oil in a sauce pan add the stock, boil, simmer and cover for twenty minutes. You will have some left over bulgar for other meals.

Grill the chicken thighs , till just done, set them in the sauce.  Slice tomato and add to the sauce.

The bulgar wheat and chicken thighs are relatively plain, the flavor of the sauce ties it together.

Grilled chicken thighs with bulgar wheat and gravy (sauce) on Twitpic


Kitchen Garden

This year I brought in some of the containers from the garden so i could continue growing herbs for kitchen use. I had some under counter lights  (florescent) my daughter had gotten from a give way on Craig’s List and mounted one under my kitchen cabinet. It gives ample lighting during the day and the temperature stays around 70-75 degrees. Now I recently planted more herbs with the existing ones and they have started to sprout. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as herbs are sometimes difficult to start, for me that is, and that they continue to flourish.


(L-R)  sage is still going strong, it’s flavorful and it has been trimmed and keeps sprouting leaves. The Oregano grows more slowly and each trimming brings new growth. The Parsley is being brought back to full growth as there was little of it left after being outside.

With this on the counter I’m more likely to use fresh herbs with everything. Now before a meal trim some, place in small containers, and set them on the table. Your family and friends can use them to season as you would with salt and pepper.

Great with side dishes such as mashed potatoes, pasta, rice etc. Serve bread with dinner ?  Alongside a plate of olive oil for dipping bread, herbs will give bread a new taste alternative and/or compliment butter.


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