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Roasted vegetables have been made before but when following this recipe, I thought, would it worth the extra work? Yes it was. Bacon fat was utilized instead of the olive oil. The result was a delicious dish, seemingly better once refrigerated.

Here’s the recipe I more or less followed.


salting the zuchs and the eggplant, sea salt.


prep the rest if the veggies, some cherry tomatoes processed, served as the tomatoe juice.


Veggies, towel dried…


Fry time…


A pleasing colorful mix…


Added tomato juice…..


Stove top cooking….


Layering the veggies for final cooking.


Very savory dish, more flavor than I expected as I held back on adding additional herbs or spices. I would have to make this with olive oil vs. bacon fat for a comparison. Refrigerated, excellent side dish, such as with braised chicken thigh with cherry tomato.

and also as a pizza topping.

 One half of the sheet pan pizza with the ratatouille.



Pan seared shrimp with Quinoa


By the time the quinoa was done about 20 minutes, the rest of the plate was ready.

(Frozen uncooked deveined shrimp was used for this recipe, beforehand, rinse the frozen shrimp in lukewarm water, then proceed)


Paste-up the shrimp with ginger garlic paste and some spicy hot pepper tomato jam, liberally apply salt and fresh ground pepper with some oil of choice.Apply the paste to the shrimp first and let rest while prepping the quinoa,  boil the water add the grain and cover to simmer. Diced white onion  was added to the quinoa also as onion is a staple in this house for most recipes.


super hot pan, toss the shrimp


maybe a drizzle of olive oil, keep the shrimps moving.


finish with some crushed peanuts, pan off heat and toss utilizing the residual heat.


Plated with roasted veggies (leftovers) and the quinoa. Dusted with grated Parmesan. Fresh parsley sprig would be a nice touch. yep, I eat tails and all.






Garden 2017

With a LED grow light, tomatoes were started indoor several weeks ago with good results. Now set out into the warm sunshine outdoors. Seeds started in Grodan Rock wool grow plugs and placed into the lava rock net pots. A small heating pad was used. Some buds already forming.

Already the need for trellising.

5 sites for tomato and one for greens, at right. Tomatoes are a mix of  Burpee and High Mowing Organic small container sized tomatoes, same as last year.

The PVC pipe constructed tomato tower. Better than the rigging I had in the past. Let’s see if they get to the top , 7 ft height.

Setup is hydroponic DWC , 6 site. Easy to tend to , no watering or weeding required (just the mixing of nutrients and changing periodically).

The small 12 site NFT system also in the works for greens under construction.


Hunter’s stew 

Another version of several types of meat roasted together.
Salt pork

Duck fat

Duck quarter

Duck wing

Chicken feet

Beef rib

Pigs foot

Duck neck

Duck giblets



Shredded carrots  (leftover from a previous recipe)



Several hours in a slow oven.

Debone and  shred meat , falling off the bones anyway. Reserve and refrigerate for future use. Excellent for  stew, soups etc.


Let’s hit the road!

Off the the farmers market we go, not exactly the best choice for a Sunday, the bulk of the Farmer’s Markets locations are set up  Saturday and during the week.

First stop Slater Park Farmers Market. 


img_0664Que up to the fresh fruit and veggies, broccoli crowns, cucumbers, zucchini, onions and the like available some priced by each and some by the pound. Didn’t get to note all the prices but the corn is 75 cents per ear. Cauliflower $4 each, carrots $2/lb, cukes $1 ea, green peppers $1 ea.





Specialty items available, Sacred Cow Granola and the Honey Shop. The vendors  there  offer tasting samples and an abundance of information on their products. Items considered pricey compared to store brands, but a farm to table product, a part of the cost is to support the local craft people and farmers. I couldn’t afford to shop these products often but occasionally it’s worth a purchase to taste and use these products in a recipe. The apple cider vinegar for example, will make an excellent vinaigrette dressing for greens by simply adding olive oil.

Next we’re off to the SEMAP,South eastern Massachusetts Agricultural Partnership farmers market Stony Creek Farm in Swansea.

Again for a Sunday not a big gathering but a few booths, here on an actual farm site.






thanksgiving wrap up

Now that the long Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close, a few pictures to recollect the dinner day.

IMG_9372The table awaits the guests

IMG_9373App (appetizers) table

IMG_9374A well arranged platter

IMG_9375The turkey resting while others plates finish cooking.

IMG_9376Family and guests at the table, some preferred not to be photographed.

IMG_9377Typical place setting

IMG_9379Some of the offered desserts

IMG_9380Apple roses


games of Boulderdash and Pictionary followed dinner.


Vegetable bread pudding

Although I didn’t do an exhaustive search, most recipes using leftover bread (cubes) for a pudding, were for a sweet type of pudding. Instead of cinnamon and sugar, I went with utilizing vegetables.

The basic recipe.
Dice into cubes and soak leftover bread in a combination of eggs and milk.
Dice and sauté whatever ingredients you enjoy and have.
Mix in and season to your liking the sautéed vegetables to the soaked bread cubes.
Turn into a well greased pan(s).
Bake until set. Approximately 350 for 1/2 hour.

The ingredients used in this recipe. (If the amount is not specified, I didn’t measure it)
Leftover bagels (a relative often receives whatI call overstock bread products that I used for this recipe.)
4 eggs

1 and 1/2 tomato
1/2 medium white onion
2 clove garlic
Shredded mozzarella
Salt and pepper
Flaked red pepper
A dash of turmeric
Dried oregano
Probably other seasonings I did not note.
Reserve some of the cubed bread and use as toppings.

This recipe could also be made in muffin tins.


Some would refer to this as a quiche, and for some reason when quiche was popular years ago, the tag “real men don’t eat quiche” was attached to it.


Crispy quesadilla

Start by flaming some tortillas , right over the burner to crisp them.

Over medium high flame, flip them several times to get them crispy, I bit of char doesn’t bother me.

20121208-174829.jpgstack them in a pie plate, I use two tortillas per side.
Now fill with what you have…

20121208-175119.jpgsautéed vegetables etc, beaten eggs… Your favorite herbs and spices, oh yea, and hot peppers if you got em.

20121208-175418.jpgshredded cheese


20121208-175734.jpgtop with additional tortilla(s)

20121208-175842.jpgbake in an oven till the interior is set.

20121208-180008.jpgslice, and garnish, sour cream would be good and some fresh salsa on the side.



That's New Zealand Lamb Racks

Here are some current prices from the warehouse Club. Fruit and vegetables are good, some highly priced but we expect to have the freshest produce year round ! I don’t mind paying for fresh food vs. already prepared and packaged produce, but there is a limit.

The food demonstrators set up their stations at both ends of short isles that run perpendicular to the main meat counter at the back of the store. I guess as they are close to the section of what food they are showcasing with samples. As you can guess I usually don’t stop and sample their offerings. Now that placement of the food demonstrators causes limited access to the small isles were the food is ! With their carts set at both ends, half of the width of the entrance to the isles are blocked. To me, it doesn’t make sense, if you are trying to sell more product and at the same time obstruct access to it with the people and carts that hang around grazing on the samples..I’m otta there !I have to pull the ol’ ” leave the shopping cart at the end of the isle and elbow my way in” maneuver. Usually, I just browse the area to satisfy my curiosity and price gauging of products. I realize that floor space is critical at a retail store but give us room to maneuver around, especially when the shopping carts are over sized and the crowds are thick. This is probably why I usually go shopping during off peak times and then complain that the selection is lacking. (Seeing Oxtails in the meat cooler is something I have seldom seen and a dish I’ve always wanted to make so it was worth fighting the crowds.)

We are abandoning the turkey this year for the Thanksgiving dinner. ‘Nuff said.. the decision was reached for each member to cook a dish (or two) of their preference, an entree and or side dishes and or desserts. Turkey didn’t make anyone’s list.The home chefs will be clashing in the kitchen vying for oven and burner space and time! It also gives us a chance to try different recipes other than the old standbys.

For me, we could have a turkey for Christmas, but as in the past, some of the Holiday meals have been with a crown roast of pork or beef prime rib roast. Ham is good, but tired. Hopefully I can chronicle the event with pictures, but usually most of the persons who I photograph make faces to express their displeasure with having their image plastered on the Blog !

The place of the gathering had changed from an original plan of other than here at home, at else where with a larger crowd, to back here with a smaller gathering. Usually we split the dinner and dessert times to permit those who wish to dine at one location to visit and have dessert at another.

My share for Thanksgiving Dinner will be ……..rack of lamb, fruit salad, bread.

BTW, recognize your food providers during the Holiday crush, if you don’t usually cook. The cook or chef needs time off now and then and the best gift is a meal you cooked for them.

Happy Thanksgiving in advance !

One of the best parts of going shopping is returning home and sampling the purchases……



Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice and vegetables

A simple preparation for a home cooked meal in one pot.
Practically self explanatory by following the pictures. When adding liquid use slightly less as you would for rice alone, the half chicken will give up some of the juices and add to the liquid.




20120925-201436.jpgcover and bake in the oven.

20120925-201458.jpgthat’s it, a complete meal.


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