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walmartcIt was time to shop somewhere else, the warehouse club (in my home city)  after being closed, rebuilt and opened finally demanded that my membership be renewed, all the while it was automatically renewed without cost during the closing, building, and several months  into the opening of the new club at the same location. Was it getting boring ? Pretty much the same selection at both club locations, the other one not more than several miles away where  I shopped while the one in our home city was being rebuilt.

Advantages: bulk quantities, relatively stable pricing, but the fact that this was not only a food store, also offered several other departments of  electronic, clothing, home products etc. , seemed to have the same limited selection, as I mostly shopped probably 90% for basic staple items of food. Getting the latest fad fruit, new exciting ingredient, or your favorite cut of meat (it could probably ordered ahead of time) was dicey,  It’s an advantage not to shop through 37 different varieties of potato chip and snack crackers, most of those decisions were made for you and most of the time those choices being jumbo or dual bulk packaging. No problem there.

After leaning back in my chair and sighing viewing the ominous renewal  notice, a new frontier was to be explored, this one run by the same company of the club and sometimes ridiculed about  the class and attire of the  clientele that shops there.  THE SUPERSTORE ! (or super center)

The first visit was  limited to the food section having it own entrance on one side of the superstore, it just about went front to back of the left side of the store , a definite isle front to back , crossing to the right too far  would set you into another zone other than food.

The selection was more diverse than the club, more available produce in the fist few isles, things like ginger root, kale, broccoli rabe ,parsnips and leeks available in good quantities. Some isles in the produce section had numerous bare spots at the time I shopped.  Shopping the next few isles up were more of a hunting expedition if you like me mostly avoid  prepackaged processed food items. The basics were there it just required a bit of scanning of the multiple sizes and selection of let’s  say olive oil and the trade off is that they are  in smaller packaged sizes, like cocoa , chocolate bits etc. Although a 25 lb bag of flour is available, cheaper than the Club !

Meat, a much better selection than the club, some ox tail and different cuts of lamb available.

One other advantage of the SUPERSTORE is it working hours, 24 hour coverage so you not limited to early closings and if the mood strikes at an off time  shop ! I question though, if the stock and wide selection are maintained during the wee hours of the morning.

A new feature is the ability to scan (photograph) (or enter the transaction number) if your receipt within a certain number of days, It will note if any item can be found at another store at a lower price and credit the amount to a store account , why they don’t have this info available when they shelve the item and price it is beyond me. Maybe a good use of a computer like IBM’s Watson could crunch the numbers and guarantee it’s the lowest price when it passes through the checkout scanner, I fear though, that it could lead to price fixing in a cloud !


Several recipes and postings are drafted, but being in a lazy blogging slump I’ll get to them ASAP !

That is all.



Now I have installed Ibotta app, so far have rebates for milk and charcoal.



napkins, white eggs, soft tacos,plums,envy apples, whole black peppercorns,salt,bananas,snap peas,whole milk, charcoal (should be 40 lbs), red grapes,real lemon juice,chocolate bits,broccoli crowns, olive oil 2 liters,ambrosia apples, heavy cream,spaghetti 6 lbs,chickens whole 2,

from June 2014, milk went from $2.49 to $3.25 , 1 gallon,

$4.14 seems like a lot  for 1 quart heavy cream.





IMG_5973one of a four pack of napkins

IMG_5974 IMG_5975






from the local farm, Cranston, RI.


IMG_6028Green peppers are huge, good for stuffing,  Mirai and butter and sugar corn, red potatoes


breakfast burrito

Similar to breakfast tortilla previously posted.

A few ingredients , some from the garden.

Sauteed onion, garlic peppers and diced tomato with seasonings, oregano etc.

Reserve and drain if necessary.

Make an omelet

With a flour tortilla, cut the omelet to fit the tortilla and spoon in the sauteed mixture. Didn’t make my own tortillas, my wife likes these from the warehouse club.


Fold up or roll the tortilla , place in fry pan with a weight or a press atop and cook until browned. Flip and repeat.

Garnish etc.










samsflour 25 lbs

60% chocolate chips

whole milk 1 gallon

grapefruits 8 lbs

sirloin tip roast $4.58/lb

tomatoes 8 cans /package diced

carrots whole 5 lbs

whole birds, chickens $1.49/lb

Dubliner cheese 6.98/lb




Recent shopping at the warehouse club, sirloin beef was purchased. (sirloin tip roast @ $4.58/ lb)

Prepared for the freezer, some ground for hamburgers, some sliced for stir fry etc. and some cubed for a stew type recipe.

I find it easier to grind and cut the beef than to buy separate, ground beef and stew meat portions.





from February and April

Warehouse club



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