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Carasau bread

caraseau bread

Baked during the previous Holiday season.


A light crispy bread, similar to a toasted pita bread.


Muffins, the English Style

Dough , dough , dough, bread and rolls ! What else to do ? How bout a muffin? The prestigious english muffin, used to  store-bought variety? Here’s a winner from the famous duo, (Paul and Mary, if you are a fan of the British Baking Show, from the master class series, where they reveal the elements and techniques behind the challenges) a simple basic technique that doesn’t require oven baking!

Ready, set, …… BAKE!

Goes together quickly if you have the elements in place, prepare to hand knead the dough for about 10 minutes.


place the flour in a large bowl


place the yeast on one side , the salt on the other (mistakenly the sugar in the photo, but I am not in competition)


Add the rest of the ingredients….


I elected to mix everything in the bowl versus the countertop, prepare to have on hand tied up in the muck, some flour close by and start the kneading for about 10 minutes, this is one of the types of dough that will pull together into a soft clump, don’t be tempted to add any more flour than absolutely necessary.


Ready for the first rising to a double size, oil it up.


Roll out the dough after the rise to about 2.5 cm thick, close to an inch and cut to biscuits 3 and 1/2 inch diameter, 9 centimeters if you are british. I got less than the 8 muffins I would go a bit thinner on the dough, some were combined and re-rolled a bit thinner. Lightly flour and dust the trays, here the polenta, or semolina is not an ingredient in the muffins but is a major component of the feel and texture of the finished product, don’t omit as the even the presentation of the muffins and mouthfeel will suffer. Second proof is about 30 minutes, the yeast very active and pillowly muffins are the result.


A griddle or a cast iron pan well heated then put on low distributed heat, time the muffins, 5 to 6 minutes PER SIDE, know the attributes of your baking iron or pan as to shuffle the muffins on the iron to attain the browning and the necessary baking time needed.


I didn’t skimp on the semolina/flour dusting even on the griddle. Even while baking on the iron, still raising a bit.


Flip the babies, and bake another 5 to 6 minutes.


Ummm…… the smell of the dough and the semolina baking !!!


The muffins are higher in height than the store-bough variety so I turned the flame to almost nill and shuffled them several more minutes to insure they were baked internally.


After baking let them cool a bit to utilize any internal heat to finish baking.


The final test, hand split, (don’t get caught using a knife to separate the muffin !) broiled and buttered !


I’ll let your eyes be the  judge !

Butter addition is excellent to taste the yeasty goodness of the muffin, but a fried soft  egg would be a crowning achievement  to the nooks and crannies. ! Jam anyone?


Re”PETE” recipe : banana bread

This is a recipe banana bread that was made a second time,

Now it came out a bit lighter and I noticed that the sour cream when mixed with the baking soda bubbled more than the first recipe.

No chocolate chips in this recipe.


Dark garlic…

What happens when you add a small amount of dark roasted barley (malt), with white all purpose flour with the bonus of minced garlic. 

Let’s see what happened…..

Since I didn’t get out the grain mill for such a small amount, the barley was processed with the food processor.

Sift out the large chunks ….
Add the sifted grains to a starter (poolish).. Yes we’re also going to make some plain white bread along side.

Also add some sourdough starter to the mix for interest.

Bubbling away….

The dough…

The baked loaf, next to the plain white.

A similar taste to pumpernickel bread with an garlic flavor. Different to say the least!


Soured blueberry corn muffins

A typical corn muffin recipe, instead of  only milk for one of the wet ingredients, the addition of a sour dough starter.img_1203

1 cup white flour

1 cup yellow cornmeal

1 teaspoon salt

1/4 cup sugar

3 teaspoons baking powder

Scant 1 cup sour dough starter

1/4 cup Melted butter

1 egg beaten

Milk, as necessary , if batter is too stiff

Added 3.5 ounce bag of dried blueberries


Standard wet and dry ingredient mix, combine each first then mix together.



The sweetness of the blueberries stands  out from the slight sourness of the cornbread.


Wus sup(per)?

As the greeting of the day goes “wus up” or simply “sup ?” ? A simple fare for sup-per.

Cubed chicken thigh, roasted / grilled from a previous day. ( cold)

Risotto, onion, Parmesan cheese.

Broccoli , steamed , garlic butter.

Bread, whole wheat/ white flour.

Beverage , IPA, off the topper home brew, not shown.

bonus pictures

IMG_0151 IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0155

meanwhile, back in France, via Periscope from time to time, bread continues !

IMG_0145 IMG_0147


Red Bean Taco

The filling for these tacos was a loosely followed recipe for re-fried beans from Bon appetite.
Sauté a smoked ham hock in a bit of oil, add onion and garlic and continue for about 8 minutes.
Add a dried red  (hot) pepper and 1/2 teaspoon ground cumin for about 1 minute.
Place in a crock pot with 1 and 1/2 cups raw , not soaked , red beans and 4 cups water.

Let this concoction cook on low overnight at least, till the beans are soft, but not mushy and the ham hock meat falls from from the bone.

Let cool and place in a mason jar and store refrigerated. The beans have many uses as a dip , spread etc.

With a combination of masa harina and white flour water, salt and a tortilla press …






Crafting Corn Chips

Tortillas or otherwise know by other names are usually used for tacos that have been fried and crisp like a corn chips. There can be many other versions. One of the gifts I received this past Christmas was a tortilla press. Previously, a DIY version I  from  made from wood, did not survive as the hinge of the handle broke under the pressure.  Most of the times I resorted to a rolling pin when making tortillas, or what I commonly refer to as corn chips. The difference between using a rolling pin and the press is like night and day. It makes the task easier and faster. It is a pricey item but the quality is such  that it will never need replacement. If I knew of the advantage of making tortillas with a press, I would have acquired one much earlier.

The actual recipe for corn chips (tortillas)  varies  lending itself to crafting however you like your tortillas. Flour is the main ingredient and can be all forms of white, corn, etc.  So far, finely milled corn flour, masa, gives the best results. Add water and that’s the basic recipe. One advantage when DIY corn chips is that the amount of salt added if needed can controlled to give a flavor that’s less salty and more corn flavor than a typical bag of purchased chips. White flour and water also makes a quick wrap for many meals.

Here’s one recipe as an example.

IMG_9525Using the press




It’s that quick.

How you cook your tortillas can vary also.


Baked in the oven.


Cheese, onion and garlic with red pepper.


Some variations I made


cooked on the griddle

Wraps  with chicken  and cheese fillings.


Not having posted in a while, less frequently than in the past, I’m researching recipes that would be different from former postings. Small  incremental changes over a period of time in my diet are a goal to complete.  NO WAY ! will I blog about healthy eating habits, exercise, and weight control, there are more than enough postings online to confuse you about food, vitamins, additives, beverages etc.
Eat Well !


White bread recipe with grains

This bread was made with the addition of milled grains, this time, the milled grains were soaked overnight. The. dough was softer, and the crumb was less gritty that the bread made without soaking the grains. See barley, rye and wheat bread

20130519-161455.jpg Milled Grains
I didn’t take a picture of them soaking.


20130519-161704.jpgspent grains were used for dusting the pans, adds color and flavor to the crust.


Multi Grain Breads II


The easy mix recipe using white , buckwheat flour and flaxseed. A tasty loaf , medium crumb and semi hard crust, brushed with butter before baking and using water pan on lower oven rack. (two loaves)



scanned image


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