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no knead bread

a bread recipe that involves minimal labor with great results!

adapted form Garden Fork YouTube posting

I need bread I just didn’t knead this loaf !

measure by weight

430 grams flour

9 grams salt

1/2 teaspoon yeast ~1 gram

mix the above ingredients

add  245  345 grams water

with a spatula mix until all is incorporated  , dough will be shaggy, DO NOT KNEAD

cover as is and let rise about an hour or two or more depending on room temperature or in oven with light on to prove.

line a bowl with baking paper (parchment)

carefully turn out the dough to a floured surface, fold top , bottom , and sides and gently tuck into a ball.

carefully transfer dough to the parchment lined bowl smooth side (top) up.

let rise again about an hour or as necessary.

preheat oven to 425 or better with a covered crock or casserole in oven.

When at 425 remove crock, carefully lift by the parchment paper, the dough and place in heated cock, cover with the heated lid, return to oven.

bake for about 20 minutes

remove lid and bake for about 20 minutes more at a lower temp, about 350 degrees.

remove from oven , lift by parchment and let cool, remove baking paper.

UPDATE: I make this recipe often as it’s easy and less labor than other recipes. Now I usually let rise in a crock, covered bowl etc. Then, turn out dough to a non stick bread pan, let rise again and bake. Super Simple ! You could actually let it rise in the baking pan itself !


430 grams of flour


9 grams of salt


about 1/2 teaspoon yeast


345 grams water


pour in the water


just mix till combined


after about an hour (or so)


prepare a bowl with parchment baking paper


gentle fold the dough and from into a ball



into the bowl…


cover and let rise


a heated covered crock


risen blistered dough


place into heated crock or casserole


into a well heated oven about 425 degrees Fahrenheit


reduce heat , uncover and bake an additional 20 minutes or so





bottom of loaf



soft airy crumb



toast test


buttered up



baugette trek

Seems like we are on a at least 5 year mission, to go beyond where bread making has been , in search of the elusive baguette. You (tube) will be assimilated, resistance is futile. You will try , try and try again to conquer the making of the baguette.

This effort started with a you tube recipe from baguettes with Patrick Ryan.

This is essentially a double fermentation of dough, one added to the other done under refrigeration, you will be baking on day 3 as you let each fermentation go one day in length and bake on day three.

The theory is that the long fermentation builds flavor.

 I,m no stranger to this as I usually start any bread I make with a pre-fermention not just as long as this recipe states.

just some picture of my first 2 attempts

Batch One


Just 2 long baguettes


Batch ONE done

Didn’t really follow the exact measurements, not bad, top crust didn’t really open where scored, and generally a even brown crust on the top , not all crispy at the sides.

Baked at about 425 degrees F

The crumb soft with  moderate holes from the fermentation. Still for me a delicious meal in itself.

__________________________________ Batch Two_____________________________________


1/2 the recommended amounts again as I didn’t want to bakes as many as recipes dictates.

Even with the 1/2 of amounts the dough ended up dry, added more water at the final mix. The recipe states “strong bread flour” not sure if the would include all purpose flour. I would like to try this with double OO flour. I couched them in a floured towel.


 The first batch I baked in a curved bread pan  These are going directly on a tray.


Scored and already opening up. This batch we are going for full power to the oven.


“Scotty ! divert all power to the oven !” , “Aye Aye Captain, but I don’t know what this ol stove will take, she could blow at any moment! “

At this warp speed the bread only took about 9 minutes, in retrospect I should have let to go another 2 minutes the internal temp was 205 degrees of the bread at the finish.

Also we are fighting the fact we don’t have a steam injector oven available, but I did the ol baking pan in the oven trick and add water just before adding the bread. Maybe I could modify my espresso coffee maker to pump steam into the oven !!!


Better crust on these but the sides and bottom didn’t get to crust as the top did.


 Nicely brown fissures in the top


The bottoms and sides not as well done, soft.  It probably would be advantageous to have a bread stone in the oven or to lay out the loaves on pre heated sheet .  Maybe next time.



Crumb nice and soft but no large caverns that you expect with a french baguette type of bread. Top crust is what I want all over the loaf.


Again a rather close crumb structure than expected. Next batch will be definitely a wetter, softer dough.


Taste is good ,salty enough even without butter. Doesn’t take long for the bread to loose the crustyness and the right out of the oven texture.

As the mission continues,  will be baguette method be found or will I just be roaming the bread galaxy for the holy grail of the bread universe ? There are probably as many stories and recipes of how to accomplish this. Perhaps the only solution would be to set a course for France  Number One .  Captains log , Out.



recipe replicate II,

Back again, actually I made this recipe before the last posting…

again one from  Buchty Dough Recipe


after sifting ingredients, make a well in the center and add milk and melted butter.


Start to mix the dough slowly as NOT to incorporate all the flour at this time. flick some of the flour over the mixture and let stand covered about 30minutes….kinda like the last recipe I posted…


The result  after 30 minutes


Gradually add the beaten egg, knead in the mixer about 8 minutes

Now for the usual, let stand covered for about an hour….

This time your going to divide into 16 sections….


Now you’ve got an 8 by 8 inch pan prepped, so fill it with the 16 formed balls of dough, with added butter brushed on.


An amazing rise !  Hungry already !


One variation of this recipe from the basic dough recipe is a either sesame or poppy seed filling, I opted for plain dough recipe with black sesame topping


after a bake time, browned and done

excellent crumb !


Fluffy pull apart goodness !


Broil, or toast test reveals the texture.


In comparison from the previous post, these are more a sweet bun (or bread type recipe). 1/4 cup sugar int he mix.

Deceivingly fluffy roll but with big flavor and thicker mouthfeel than anticipated. I guess the three eggs add a lot to the structure

Will definitely repeat this recipe with the sesame seed filling.

Here’s the ingredients, for brevity Ive left off the instructions


  • 450g (1Ib, 3⅔ cups) all-purpose flour 
  • 1½ teaspoons Fleischmann’s instant yeast
  • 60g (¼ cup + 1 tablespoon, 2oz) sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 120ml (½ cup) warm milk
  • 40g (3 tablespoons) butter, melted
  • 3 eggs, beaten

BTW Buchty means small roll or cake.


Recipe Replicate: Hokkaido Milk Buns

From my favorite recipe here


Doughead here, if the forecast is for cooler weather then it’s time for baking. Time to try out this recipe.

This recipe requires a tangzhong. Essentially a roux ,heat flour and milk to boiling, remove from heat.

Weighing in.

I used a combination of 1/2 and 1/2 and whole milk for the dough

SAF instant premium, my annual supply. Never fails, but I might good back to the standard type as the flavor seems a bit different in a plain dough recipe.

Other ingredients out and ready, getting to room temperature.

Add the milk,combo of 1/2 and 1/2 and milk to the roux, then add the egg. This is the wet ingredients.

Mix in the wet ingredients, to flour and yeast, mix slightly till it comes together, I didn,t fully incorporate all the flour at this time.

Leaving the mixer and bowl as is, cover and let stand about 20 minutes to get the yeast working

Turn on the mixer and gradually add the sugar and salt. Mix a few more minutes.

More mixer pictures

Time to add the butter….

After the butter is incorporated, a good kneading for about 8 minutes.

This recipe calls for a 13x9x2, versus a 8×8 inch on another recipe I’ll post. Standard buttered parchment, though the recipe doesn’t say anything about prepping the pan.

All together now !

With a buttered spatula, grease it up for arise.

Optional reusable cover vs. cling film.

Check the date time stamps for time !

Section to 12 portions, no clue on arrangements ? I guess 4×3 . (the pictures on the website do show a 4×3 arrangement, but just going by the printed version)

Balled up and ready for final rise. Nice smooth dough.

Resting place…

Now more pictures..

Apply the egg wash, just an egg no water..

Another 375 heat, reduced to 350 upon insertion of the buns type oven.

Just some more pictures to illustrate the hunger for bread…

Open to examine crumb, light, fluffy interior, soft golden colors, with glossy dark golden exterior top .

Pull apart textures, don’t ever use a knive to split buns.

Buns are tasty, flaky, begging for butter, uuummmm…

OK, it’s time for toast test, rather from the broiler, no complaints here, let the photos do the tasting!

Done, but without going what else do you see, ? Sliders , jam, chili topped with cheese and broiled….

5 stars !

Ingredients for the tangzhong or milk roux
½ cup (120 ml) whole milk 20g (2 tablespoons) all-purpose flour (bread flour recommended)
Ingredients for the buns
320g (2½ cups, 11oz) all-purpose flour ( bread flour recommended) 1½ teaspoons Fleischmann’s instant yeast 120ml (½ cup) evaporated milk (I used ¼ cup whole milk mixed with ¼ cup 10% cream) 1 large egg, beaten 56g (¼ cup, ½ stick, 4 tablespoons, 2oz) unsalted butter, softened 1 teaspoon salt 2-4 tablespoons fine granulated sugar (I used 2 tablespoons)


tIME FOR PIE (and bread)

A can of peaches sits on the shelve, some pie crust dough is in the fridge, 2/3 left over from a holiday recipe. Can’t think of the last time I used a canned filling but a family member brought it home with other food from a community food bank. Once I put the peaches in the pie shell, it needed more  filling of some type. Several apples were sliced and added with a light grating of ginger and turmeric root. The sweetness of the canned peaches was enough without adding more sweetness. A simple lattice top completes the bake.


here are the sliced apples atop the canned pie filling.


the rolling and cutting of the lattice structure


the lattice has been applied to the pie




will go about 35 minutes, probably less

Not often I use a product with genetic engineering and fructose but I guess genetic engineers need something to do if they went to school for it.


SHIELDS UP ! I had to deploy the pie shield as the outer shell casing became too dark.


the bubbling pie emerges


the oozing bubbling filling


cool down cycle


Not a bad tasting pie , the apples off set the canned peach taste accented with the ground ginger and turmeric. Goes well with coffee.


Of course I had some dough fermenting, a bit interesting with this mix, some leftover cooked potatoes  were chopped and squished incorporated into the dough with the wire whisk on the mixer. The topping was a concoction of thyme zatar on one loaf and seed blend on the other. Mixed with a bit of water, butter and flour each of the coatings was brushed on each loaf before baking.



The bread was very moist, all of the potato was incorporated into the dough. Some of the filling from the pie previously baked had dripped onto the oven floor …. I SHOULD HAVE USED TIN FOIL UNDER THE PIE. Any ways the bread was very good, my good weakness !



Probably about 3 times a month pizza is on the menu when making dough so often.

It’s pointless to post a recipe since there are an infinite number of variations.


usually different size shells are made


basically a do it yourselves toppings for the family members


Also a BYOP (bring your own pizza) here is a pizza for a Keto diet brought by a relative. I sampled it very tasty for a non wheat flour dough.


someone’s birthday celebration necessitated a cake and then some gaming.



and later, more gaming………………..

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE …pizza/bread outtakes




A new method for dough, I had though of this idea but wasn’t sure of what type of dough would work with the pasta machine. Found this recipe. A bit labor intensive, but a different take on the traditional dinner rolls.

Here’s the ingredients, refer to the link for the technique.


  • 150 grams (1 cup + 1 tbsp) bread flour
  • 150 grams (1 cup + 1 tbsp) all-purpose flour
  • 1 1/2 tsp (6 grams) instant dry yeast
  • 1 1/2 tsp (11 grams) salt
  • 130 grams (1/2 cup) luke-warm water + 30 grams (2 tbsp) for adjustment
  • 50 grams (3 1/2 tbsp) unsalted butter, soften and cubed
  • 165 grams (11 1/2 tbsp) unsalted butter, room-temperature

I doubled the recipe but made each batch separate.

Utilized tipo “00” for the bread flour and all-purpose for the other flour.

There’s a lot of mixing involved, but with the dough hook on the machine it’s just a matter of time.

after the butter has been blended in I let it mix about 15 minutes at medium low-speed.

The fun is just beginning !

As the recipe suggests, loop the dough back through the pasta roller before it runs through resulting in a continuous loop, too long to effectively manage once you decrease the thickness settings with results in a long loop of dough. I did each strip without the looping, possibly with a helper the continuous loop method will work , but I didn’t see it as an advantage.

The dough, I guess with the amount of butter incorporated and the long kneading time , is very forgiving, it went very thin without breakage and very silky and manageable. I hope you like playing with butter, a lot more is spread on the dough strips, I found out by microwaving the sticks of butter several seconds only and somewhat whisking, the butter became soft enough for spreading with an offset spatula. Too thick a butter results in tears in the paper-thin dough. You merely roll the butter frosted strips cigar style. Placing one rolled strip on top of another  unrolled strip and rolling again. Then it cut length wise, exposing the lamination.  Just loop the half cigar with the lamination on the outer circumference pulling the ends together to fit in a muffin pan.

(I don’t know why you could not just place one buttered strip, on top of another and roll them at once. Possibly once buttered would be too fragile to lift.)

The recipe suggest letting the cruffins rise till double, mine did nit really as I noticed a fast rise only after a short rest of the initial mix of the dough.

No problem with the baking , with the high butter content and the buttered muffin tins, the butter will be bubbling within the tins at the completion of baking. I feared that the cruffins would be soggy ! NO they finished extremely light and crispy on the outer edges and pull apart flaky interiors. Of course with buttery flavor. No reason to have to butter these rolls ! Broken apart on the plate, pour over some gravy !

Now the real test as they are presented at the Holiday dinner table.

Hurry up before they are all gone !

Many comments and accolades from the family food critics ! Since I bake many variations of dough products, some not repeated, they asked if this would be another one time bake !  Now, I’m going to repeat this recipe, more free form croissant style less the muffin pan, and perhaps a savory version.  Even though the recipe calls for the powered sugar atop , of course for dinner rolls I omitted that.

The labor of this recipe goes into the rolling of the dough through the pasta machine and  time wise  kneading 15 minutes with the mixer. Have plenty of butter on hand for this recipe. (I made one recipe without salt and salted butter and one recipe with salt and  salted butter with, I could not tell the difference. ) Also I weighed the ingredients, highly recommended, so there was no problem with the consistency of the dough in both recipes. After the 15 minutes of dough hook time, the dough came together beautifully.


Pizza bread

So far this is the closest I’ve come to a pizza taste incorporated into dough. The dried tomato was the central additive along with garlic that had been sautéed several seconds with olive oil in a microwave at low power. 

Chopped dried tomato


Sautéed garlic

The mix of the dough


Topped with oregano and parsley (dried)

The finished bread, or pizza bread.

I know, where’s the cheese ?


Carasau bread

caraseau bread

Baked during the previous Holiday season.


A light crispy bread, similar to a toasted pita bread.


Goan Sannas recipe with yeast

From a recipe here on wordpress.

Goan Sannas

fullsizeoutput_18d3At one time I did steam a caken an Insta pot, this recipe intrigued me because no wheat based  flour is involved and fermented rice is used. A coconut from the superstore was also on hand.


Ingredients ready the coconut juice will be used in place of water. the cooked rice is a brown variety

IMG_4434IMG_4432grinding the mixture


the fermentation


Steam punk cooking, stove top !


Full steam ahead



Of course it’s a very moist cakeIMG_4446

A good excersise in steam cooking and using rice with coconut to make a cake.

Or is it a sweet rice bread?

Nice crumb and tasty cake


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